Approximately 40 years ago, this bathroom and closet off the master bedroom was a luxury. After much love, it was in desperate need of a makeover. Updating the fixtures and bringing the “look” to the current century was my clients’ first request. Next, they wanted to brighten the space and gain more room without changing the footprint. Last, they wanted a farmhouse feel with clean contemporary lines.

Since this bathroom had “almost” lasted the test of time, we wanted to guarantee functionality and durability for years to come. We selected performance products at smart price points.

By removing the wall that separated the toilet and standing shower, we gained small square footage and huge visual integrity. Opening that space opened the entire room. We also played on reflection with the custom-cut mirrors on the sliding closet doors in the bathroom. The strategically placed swivel vanity mirrors provide light as well as viewing reflection. While enlarging the shower space improved the couple’s elbow room, the new seamless glass enclosure also gave the illusion of an add-on.

Let there be light was constantly on our mind during this project. In this narrow, long bathroom, we kept the colors crisp, then added a tall cabinet tower to “pretend to” raise the ceiling, and added an outside window to the shower which is positioned so light travels through all day long.

A complete tear-out, on a budget, is now the current, farm-like contemporary bathroom of their dreams.


This was a challenge: giving the client more room in the same space. We designed a plan to remove one wall and add a variety of height and texture elements to give the illusion of more square footage. In addition, the mirrored closets, new shower window and seamless glass shower enclosure gave the room more breadth and appeared to open up the entire space.


We paired their two style requests and gave them a custom ship-lap wall treatment with industrial lighting while keeping the other finishes contemporary and clean. The solid quartz countertop on classic cabinetry was a transitional choice. Then we paired the brick-set charcoal ceramic floor tile with an accent wall in the shower to pull together the subtle hues in the room.


Yes, everything is new and met their budget. New floors; tile replaced carpet. New shower; tore out insert and framed and tiled customer shower with dual head shower, shelf inset, seamless glass and a window. New cabinets, sink and faucets; the previous set was donated to a local church. New toilet. Last, new custom closet doors with custom-cut glass.


The counter tops are made of a sustainable quartz product; able to handle all products and temperatures. The flooring is now a ceramic tile, easy to clean and care for. The new under-mount sinks will improve the ease of clean up and the energy faucets and LED lighting will assist in keeping the costs down.

Additionally, the individual space that was created by dividing the counter with the storage tower has made the couple very happy. And, believe it or not, this tower actually provides a little privacy to the toilet. The entire space feels larger with the various design elements that were integrated.

Aesthetically, it looks like a completely different room. The white cabinetry, grayish hues throughout and charming accents give this bathroom the crisp, clean feel it deserves. Prior, the space was dark and dirty, with old worn cabinetry and stained carpet. Now the newly formed and tiled shower is an escape instead of feeling like you are in a 3’×3′ jail cell.

With several design elements, we created an illusion of more square footage; providing the couple with the added elbow room they desired. From new light fixtures to an added natural light window, this project was visually enhanced in every way.

After a complete tear-out, there was evidence of superior craftsmanship throughout.

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"Let there be light was constantly on our mind during this project."