This bathroom and closet came with all the right amenities. However, the design was decades out of style and, functionally, the space was not living up to its full potential. With a little creativity and about 12 square feet borrowed from the laundry room, we were able to give this homeowner the en suite of her dreams.

An Organizer’s Paradise

In the closet, our first step was replacing the old, white wire shelving with new custom cabinets. These cabinets come in an elegant, creamy white with gold pulls and knobs that match the master bath vanity. All of the hanging cabinets have clear glass doors so you can see what’s inside them. Although the closet lacks windows, a solar tube provides ample lighting.

For accessory storage, we created a corner cabinet to hold purses, as well as a bank of three-inch black-velvet-lined drawers to store watches and lay jewelry flat. We were also able to squeeze in a vanity with a three-way lighted mirror and a full-length mirrored jewelry cabinet.

Shower & Bath

In the bathroom, we used the extra space from the laundry room to reconfigure the shower, bath, and toilet. The homeowner now has a shower large enough for two. There are two shower heads, a handheld, and a bench. To pull the room together, the shower’s glass door is etched to match the floral pattern of the tile.

The vanity boasts double sinks, electrical outlets in the cabinets, lighting options, and a pull-out laundry bin, resulting in much more storage capacity than the old vanity. All the faucets and fixtures are from the Virage Bath Collection by Brizo. They’re in Luxe Gold and have a beautiful curved arc that gives this bathroom a sophisticated feel.

The tile is handmade and custom-colored, so each tile is one-of-a-kind. Again, we went with a creamy tile in different sizes to give the floor interest, and used embossed floral 6″×6″ tiles for accents on the walls and floor. If you love a good bath, you’re going to love this part. The soaking tub has a heating element (much like heated floors) to keep the water warm. And speaking of heated flooring, we were able to add it under the new tile so whenever you step into the bathroom, even on a cold winter morning, your feet are warm and toasty.

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