Good to Go Meat Pies

At Good to Go Meat Pies in Everson, you get some history baked in with the shop’s hearty pasties. Owner and founder Holly Bevan-Bumford hung up a picture of her great-grandfather’s confection shop in the dining area. Bevan-Bumford’s grandmother, Audrey, was just a little girl when her father owned the confection shop, called Cook’s Candy Shop, located in downtown Detroit. Bevan-Bumford learned how to bake apple pies and work with pastries from her grandmother. Years later, Audrey’s father sold the shop.

“He sold the shop and bought a Model T and took his family on a cross-country adventure,” Bevan-Bumford said of her great-grandfather, “Wish I could have met him.” Well, you’ll be glad you met Bevan-Bumford, a vibrant woman with a friendly, kind heart that she brings to her baking.

Everson is nestled in the foothills of the Cascades, and, while passing through, you will likely be charmed by the country lifestyle. Farms, shops and restaurants line the quiet streets of this small town. Good to Go is a good fit with its pasty, a small pie that typically contains meat and assorted vegetables. You can either grab one to go or sit in the quaint yet casual dining area.

Bevan-Bumford is originally from Michigan, known a century ago for its copper mines. The pasty tradition has been passed down generation after generation. Bevan-Bumford has expanded the art with an assortment of fillings. Pasties at her restaurant range from chicken pot pie, pot roast, vegetable, to a curry chicken pasty, to name a few.

One pasty will keep you going until your next meal. Bevan-Bumford said Cornish wives from Cornwall, the southwest region of England, made fresh, warm pasties for their husbands before they went to work in the mines. During lunch, the miners held onto the pasty crust, then threw the crust away because their hands were dirty with copper’s poisonous arsenic. These days, you can enjoy the flaky, scrumptious crust.

Bevan-Bumford works with local farmers for a lot of her meat and produce. She figures approximately 30 percent of the pasty ingredients are sourced locally. The farms range from Broadleaf Farms, Terra Verde Farms to Hopewell Farms; all located within the Everson area.

Good to Go Meat Pies has been in business for just about five years. Their first location was here in Everson until two years ago, when they set up another shop in Lynden. They’ve been at the Bellingham Farmers market for three years now. Not only will you find delicious, mouth-watering pasties in Good to Go Meat Pies, but you will also be enriched in a centuries-old tradition. Be sure to grab a chocolate cookie before you head out; according to Bevan-Bumford, they are “to die for.”

128 W. Main St., Everson 360.966.2400


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"The pasty tradition has been passed down generation after generation. Bevan-Bumford has expanded the art with an assortment of fillings. "