Moorea Seal

Have you ever walked into a store and thought it must have been designed with you in mind? For me, that store is Moorea Seal, a hidden gem in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown district.

Moorea Seal offers a beautifully curated selection of accessories and objects, highlighting handmade items from artists across the U.S. and around the globe. Moorea Seal’s aesthetic is both minimalistic and eclectic, and speaks to those with a fresh, chic approach to modern womanhood. With a delicate balance of urban and rustic sensibilities, Moorea Seal embodies the adventurous spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

The boutique is named for the owner, Moorea Seal, who began her career as a jewelry maker selling her designs on Etsy. After gaining a large following of aesthetically minded souls on Pinterest, Seal decided to open her own online shop to sell her designs alongside some of her favorite handmade brands. The brick-andmortar shop was quick to follow, and placed its roots on the corner of 3rd and Vine in 2014.

Moorea Seal’s beautiful storefront space is not only a place to shop for your favorite things, but a place for the local community to collaborate on creative ideas, including pop up shops, workshops, and other special events. The shop is known for its weekly 5–7 p.m. happy hour on Fridays, which includes free drinks (yes, free) and a free gift with purchase. Now that’s how you shop!

What could be even better than happy hour and shopping? Shopping for a cause. Moorea Seal seeks to do good by creating a supportive community that empowers others to do good, too. This is an essential part of their business model. Seven percent of Moorea Seal’s profits go toward carefully selected non-profits. They rotate through five featured non-profits in five categories of giving—Children’s Needs, Women’s Cause, Protecting the Planet, Caring for Animals, and Health and Wellness.

Moorea Seal recently launched a new line of jewelry and office items available in-store and online, as well as wholesale for other retailers. The business looks forward to expanding this line and growing their brand even further in hopes of being able to give back even more to the greater good.

2523 3rd Ave., Seattle 206.728.2523 |




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"Moorea Seal seeks to do good by creating a supportive community that empowers others to do good, too. "