Spruced Hair and Brow Studio

Last summer, Brooke Becnel, along with the help of her loyal stylists, opened Spruced Hair and Brow Studio in Fairhaven. Opening a modern, hip salon was not necessarily Becnel’s plan, but she always knew she wanted to work for herself, and so Spruced was born. The salon is clean, open, and airy. Comfortable lounge chairs greet customers in the intimate lobby space. Five or six styling chairs line the back wall. Lights reflecting off chrome and mirrors give the space a warm atmosphere, rather than the sterile feeling common at some salons. The hair and brow studio welcomes you not only with its aesthetic, but with its people.

“Clients can see how close [the stylists] are and feel very comfortable. The biggest thing here is the bond between stylists. It’s like a family. Our clients notice that,” said hair stylist Samm Alex. Getting a haircut or a brow wax is an intimate experience and a huge part of why people revisit salons is based on how comfortable they feel, Becnel said. People will be able to relax and be themselves during their visit to Spruced. Like many new salons, stylists brought their previous clients with them. But stylists agreed that the best way to expand their market is word of mouth. “You trust your friends to tell you where to get a good cut,” said Spruced hair stylist Angelena Maurice.

Beyond a commitment to a community atmosphere, Spruced works to stay up on trends and new techniques. The stylists are always looking to improve and branch out. With the help of social media, the team keeps current clients updated on new looks. A huge part of the Spruced trend-appeal comes from their brow work. Becnel and Amanda Munzanreder are the designated eyebrow experts of the salon. Becnel said she thinks the brow services are a huge draw for her clients; “People see brows eyebrows and they are interested. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it is in our name and on our sign.” Starting in the spring, the studio will offer microblading, in addition to their waxing services. Microblading is a semi-permanent brow filling technique. The artist meticulously draws each stroke of the brow for a natural look that can last between one and three years. “We really offer a one-stop shop,” Alex said. The stylists also stressed their expert balay – age hair coloring services. This hair painting technique has become extremely popular within the last few years.

Spruced Hair and Brow Studio embodies the Pacific Northwest vibe. This little salon is a perfect addition to Fairhaven. The people are down-to-earth, and yet the style is modern and trendy. Plus, you can’t really get more Northwest than a spruce tree logo, can you?

1514 12th St., Unit B-101, Bellingham
360.319.4049 | sprucedhairandbrowstudio.com


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"Getting a haircut or a brow wax is an intimate experience and a huge part of why people revisit salons is based on how comfortable they feel,"