The Shop 

As you walk South 1st Street in Downtown Mount Vernon, happily buzzing with locals and visitors popping in and out of vibrant storefronts, you will come upon the swinging sign for House of Style Boutique. This is where, for the past eight years, Owner Amy Jacobs has welcomed clients with the goal of rejuvenating their outer appearance and inner spirit.  

In its current evolution, House of Style is a high-quality, feminine fashion boutique with a small salon at the back. Jacobs, who has a long-running career as a hairstylist, still sees her long-time regulars there, but plans to focus on the retail side of things and expanding her shop. 

The Atmosphere 

House of Style has been described by customers as “the cutest little shop, and you feel good just walking inside.” The large windows at the storefront stretch towards the high ceilings, letting in plenty of natural light for a bright and airy feel. White walls, subtle metallic structures, exposed wood, and cement floors are dressed with gold accents, warm light fixtures, and pops of vibrant color. 

“It was like a blank, white, kind of cement box, really… We really started from scratch,” says Jacobs. She infused the shop’s design with her personal style– a contrast between polished and a little bit undone.  

The store is well-stocked, but not stuffed, leading to a fun experience of discovering new things in every direction. The overall vibe is cool, laid-back comfortability with an intriguing edge. 

Key People 

Jacobs has been a hairstylist for 25 years and has always loved being able to empower and inspire people through their personal presentation. During her hair career, she pursued an education in fashion and design and has been growing in that direction ever since. 

Although Jacobs had employees in the past, House of Style became a one-woman show during the pandemic and she’s happy to keep it that way for now. Running the shop all on her own has allowed her to grow closer to her clientele and the business community around her.  

What You’ll Find 

“I really pull from hundreds of vendors to build my own collection,” says Jacobs, who works hard to curate the clothing, accessories, self-care items, and retail that fill her shop.  

She aims for classic feminine fashion with flairs of “an elevated twist,” a “boho lean,” and a little bit of edge. Jeans, jackets, sweaters, dresses, flannels, and more are collected here so that Jacobs’ customers can always find that piece that’s missing from their closet. 

Fashion isn’t the only thing on Jacobs’ mind, though. She’s conscious of wearability, affordability, and quality. She brings in women-owned and local businesses as often as she can; the Brass Sand jewelry she carries is hand-made in Seattle, and the SopranoLabs bath and body products are from a small-batch, woman-owned and operated New York business. 


While Jacobs loves vibrant, easy-to-wear dresses for the hotter months, she loves the sweaters, jackets, and jeans of fall and winter. She adores deep, rich pops of color and comfortable, layerable pieces. To see her rock some exemplary pieces like the Leo Dress and the Baby It’s Cold Outside Jacket, head to her website— she models all of the clothing herself! 

510 S 1st St., Mount Vernon, 360.419.9672,