Sugarfina is a luxe candy store that caters to adults with a
taste for the finer things in life. It recently launched a
boutique inside Nordstrom’s Seattle flagship store.
Sugarfina’s candy is packaged in beautiful, brightly
colored boxes and ribbons, which makes for a tasty treat
that’s easy on the eyes.

Unlike other candy retailers, Sugarfina focuses on high quality
ingredients. With flavors like Pale Ale Pints and Single Malt
Scotch Cordials and candy imported from Holland, Germany,
Denmark, and Italy, it’s no surprise this candy store stands
out from its peers.

“Most people in the U.S. have gotten used to going into a
candy store and shoveling candy out of the barrel,” said
Rosie O’Neill, co-owner of Sugarfina.

The idea for Sugarfina blossomed during the first date
between O’Neill and Josh Resnick, O’Neill’s fiancé and
co-owner of Sugarfina. After meeting online on,
the couple’s first date lead to lasting romance and something
just as sweet, candy. They spent their third date watching
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. After the film, the
pair pondered the lack of candy stores aimed at adult palates.

The name Sugarfina, (fina means fine in Italian), came about
during another date between O’Neill and Resnick, this time at
an Italian restaurant. The couple had already planned on
indulging the word sugar in their company name, because
O’Neill was “all about the unapologetic.”

They spent the next two years traveling the globe and
cultivating partnerships with artisan candy makers.
In 2012, they launched their website. Initially, they
sold Sugarfina candy to friends and family.

“I knew every single person buying stuff on my site,” O’Neill
said. “I kind of cyber stalked every order that came through.”

But Sugarfina spread through word of mouth and after nine
days, O’Neill and Resnick were selling product to strangers.
“There were a lot of people interested in a sophisticated
take on candy,” O’Neill said.

Today, Sugarfina has numerous boutiques located in Canada,
California, and a new location set to open in Chicago in
July. O’Neill attributes this success to having a passionate
and caring team.

“When you can nail that piece of the pie everything else
starts to fallin place,” O’Neill said.

Having a caring team and maintaining close relationships with
customers has always been important to O’Neill. She vowed
years ago to include a handwritten note in every package.
Despite the influx in sales, she still keeps that promise
today, taking the time to put care and love into every

“I’m very lucky to be able to work on something that I
love, with the love of my life,” O’Neill said.

Sugarfina Seattle – Nordstrom
500 Pine Street, Seattle

"There were a lot of people interested in a sophisticated take on candy."