This charming space in Historic Fairhaven is
packed with whismical vintage goods. Located
right on Harris Avenue, the historic setting provides
a perfect backdrop to the antique furniture,
fun artwork, and bright fabrics. Something Found
owners Jamie Schwindt and Helene Fellows keep
the store well-organized and pleasing to the eye.
Although there are lots of knick-knacks and collectibles,
they are charmingly displayed. Jazzy music
plays to top off the vintage vibe. “We’ve always
said we want a place where people want to be,”
Fellows said. Along with small antique pieces like
tables, chairs, wardrobes, and mirrors, customers
will find locally-made products and artwork. Both
owners emphasized their commitment to supporting
local artisans.


Feminine and bright.


Co-owners Jamie Schwindt and Helene Fellows
met through their daughters’ gymnastics classes
and have gotten along ever since. The store is truly
a reflection of both of their styles. “It’s how we
live,” Fellows said. Everything from the beauty
products to the artwork are pieces that the two
owners personally love. The store is a collection of
things the women would have in their own homes.
After hitting it off as friends, the two women
decided to go into to business together to bring
Fairhaven a store that meshes the old and new.
When the space on Harris Avenue became available,
the two jumped on it and quickly signed
the lease. “I think our husbands thought we were
crazy,” Schwindt said with a laugh. Just a couple
weeks later Schwindt and Fellows had the store up
and running in time for the Ski to Sea Race.


Stop into Something Found for a gift or a new
accent piece for your home. Small cards, handmade
soaps, and vintage jewelry all make for great
gifts. The antique furniture is clearly meticulously
chosen. Each table, chair, and bookshelf has been
well-cared for regardless of its age. Customers will
also find smaller antiques like glassware, candelabras,
and book ends that would add a feminine
touch to any space.


Both owners love anything colorful and bright.
“Anything with birds too,” both women agreed.
Since the store itself is so eclectic, they had a hard
time naming just one item. Local artisans have really
put their heart and souls into all the products
customers will find at Something Found. “We are
hunter-gatherers at heart and we are enjoying our
new adventure,” they said.

Something Found
1216 Harris Ave., Bellingham

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"Local artisans have really put their heart and souls into all the products customers will find at Something Found. "