The Pack Behind the Packs  

Despite the name, Attack Cat Bags has little to do with ferocious felines. Founded in summer 2020, this online retailer offers playful bags and accessories for novice and professional skaters, as well non-skaters who just love a good fanny pack. They’re also great for biking or going out for a short hike.  

Longtime rollerskaters and Bellingham residents Laura McWilliams and Chipp Allard came up with the idea for the business after the two found themselves jobless when COVID-19 hit. McWilliams had a hard time finding skating bags that were functional and stylish; Allard used his art background to help. One bag became dozens, and Attack Cat Bags was born. 

As for the name, Attack Cat Bags was inspired by a dream McWilliams had about being attacked by flying cats, something that became a recurring joke around the house, leading to a game they called “attack catting.”  

 “[The name] is very us, and also embodies some of the retro comic book aesthetic that has become our signature look for branding,” says McWilliams. 

Bags for All Bodies, Built to Last 

The colorful fanny packs come in three varieties: sport bags, glam bags, and snack packs, ranging from  $35 – $49Some bestsellers include the Twilight Leopard Hip Bag, The Bronze Denim Hip Bag, and the Waxed Canvas Sling Bag. 

“One thing that we are really passionate about is inclusivity in our bags. Belt bags can be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation, and we never want that to be how we are seen,” McWilliams says. “We will happily make a belt any size for any person, no extra charge!”  

You can also find groovy accessories like the Disco Ball Earrings ($10), Faux Fur Pom Poms ($5), Skate Leashes ($8.99), and more.  

The products are as functional as they are fashionable. All bags are equipped with water-resistant poly-canvas liners and strong hardware. While they’re made to last, the environmental footprint is not. Attack Cat Bags recycles, upcycles, and uses only compostable eco-plastic shipping materials.  

Check out Attack Cat Bags on their website or through Instagram, where a giveaway takes place on the 15th of every month. You can also find gift cards and skate tutorials for learning basics or new tricks.  

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