On the beaches of the Whatcom Waterway, and just a short walk from Bellingham‘s downtown core, Waypoint Park is the perfect start to your Bellingham waterfront exploration. From the park, guests are treated to a stunning view of both the Bellingham cityscape and nearby Lummi Island. The overwater pier is a great place to catch the sunset on a clear night.  

The 1.5-acre park is home to attractions for the whole family. Kids will enjoy a unique play structure featuring blue play mats, a slide, and climbable wooden logs. Finished walking and biking trails wrap around the park, and the smooth pavement around the area is great for roller skating. Just across the parking lot is an expansive pump track fit for all skill levels.  

The park’s iconic structure, known popularly as the Acid Ball, is the pride, symbol, and focal point of Waypoint Park. Originally used for wood pulp processing, the 30-foot diameter steel sphere sculpture is coated with a reflective material. Guests can cause the exterior to glow by shining a light at the sculpture (like a phone flashlight, for example) and watching the Acid Ball illuminate the park.  

On the edge of the park stands the newly redone historic Granary building. Guests can support local businesses by finding refreshments and amenities inside. With a myriad of plant life, multiple picnic tables and benches, and a quaint pebble beach, Waypoint Park is a pleasant location for your next afternoon outing. The park is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. 1145 Granary Ave., Bellingham 

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