My client’s husband had recently passed away, and her daughter contacted me as a means to brighten her mother’s mood. The client and her husband had been dreaming of remodeling their home and just never thought the time was right. So when her family contacted me and asked if I could take on this special project and handle every detail of the kitchen redo so their mother wouldn’t have any worries, I cheerfully said yes.

When we arrived on-site, we saw a tired little house, with uneven floors, a sagging ceiling, and outdated features. It had been 40 years since this small home had seen any updates and it was past due for a refresh. We gutted the kitchen while salvaging the newer appliances, and did an overhaul on the floor plan.

Adding a layer of drywall to the ceiling and redoing the subfloor was a start. Despite a tight budget, we were able to install gorgeous maple hardwoods, customized cabinetry, quartz countertops and a beautiful herringbone backsplash. Interestingly, my client had a miniature hot water tank positioned in the corner base cabinet of her kitchen. We replaced her tank, moved it to the garage, and now in its place is a functional Lazy Susan with added storage.

What was a small-looking, dark, uninviting space is now a light and bright kitchen. One of her favorite things is the stunning glass lighting package that offers both task and function with the ideal visual integrity.

Listed here are a few challenges during this project and how our team resolved each:

  • Uneven floors. We did a complete demolition — removed old ceramic tile, added Hardiebacker cement board, then a particle board sub-floor. Then, we reinstalled the plywood sub-floor.
  • Uneven ceiling/unsightly texture. We covered the ceiling with new drywall and skim coating for a smooth texture.
  • Miniature hot water tank in base cabinet. We removed the tank, replaced it with standard size, relocated it to the garage, and built a Lazy Susan cabinet in its place.
  • Non-working fireplace in kitchen. We removed the fireplace and extended the kitchen to add glass-front upper cabinets for a charming display feature.

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"The client and her husband had been dreaming of remodeling their home and just never thought the time was right."