Galloway’s Cocktail Bar 

A Stone in the Woods 

Galloway’s peach-infused gin, housemade sour flavored with lemon and lime, Giffard wild elderflower liqueur, rosemary and thyme syrup, rosemary garnish 


Before the liquid even touches your lips, the aromatic rosemary garnish immediately hits your nose. The first sip breaks through the woodsy scent with a surprising, light peach flavor from Galloway’s peach gin. Flowery and herbal notes of elderflower, rosemary, and thyme peak through the subtle sweetness, creating a perfect balance of botanicals and fresh fruitiness. This cocktail takes your senses on a stroll through the crisp outdoors, capturing the sweet earthiness of early autumn.  

Galloway’s, Fairhaven’s deco-era cocktail bar, conjures the feeling of a 1920s film strip with their muted color scheme, geometric detailing, and comfortable booth seating. It’s the perfect place for a night out with friends or for cozying up with a good book from their neighbor, Village Books. 

1200 10th St., Ste 102, Bellingham