Self-described as a “ghost restaurant,” Guud Bowls is unlike most food services because they don’t have a storefront. Every weekday, owners Mike Duncan and Meredith Stevens cook and chill bowls of food in a commissary kitchen and hand-deliver them anywhere in Whatcom County. You’ve probably seen their navy blue van with their orange logo on the move. 

A rotating menu of gluten-free bowls keeps things new and exciting. Each bowl contains a careful arrangement of fresh, colorful ingredients. You can pop the ready-to-heat bowls in the oven, microwave, or saute the meal in a pan. Guud Bowls also offers some recipes in larger family pans that can be heated in the oven or scooped and heated. 

The top-selling dish is their Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese ($8), which has been on the menu since 2018, when Guud Bowls first started. The addition of sweet potato takes the creaminess of macaroni and cheese to the next level. Smooth cheesiness contrasts perfectly with the crunch of smoky bacon pieces and the subtle kick of dijon and paprika. Green onion garnish adds freshness to the hearty dish. It’s no wonder this bowl is their top seller — I’ve already decided to order a family size next time. 

For a healthy bowl you don’t have to heat, try the Cobb Salad ($13). Generous toppings cover a bed of green and red kale, all paired with a buttermilk herb dressing. Diced chicken and crisp bacon add savoriness and protein; small crumbly pieces of egg, goat cheese, and bleu cheese add rich nuttiness; and asparagus, sprouts, radish, shaved Brussels sprouts, and cherry tomatoes supply a fresh crunch. This protein-packed salad is hearty, refreshing, and satisfying. 

If you don’t want to be overwhelmed with unfamiliar ingredients, the Simple Teriyaki Bowl ($12) is the way to go. Moist and well-seasoned grilled chicken thighs are paired with sesame broccoli and green beans cooked to a tender crispiness. The honey teriyaki sauce that comes on the side can be poured over the whole bowl or used as a dip. This simple yet flavorful dish is especially recommended for kids.  

Guud Bowls also offers a rotation of vegan options, like their Avocado Cauli Curry ($12). Tender zucchini ribbons and asparagus coins are topped with chimichurri roasted cauliflower, green beans, ginger slaw, almonds, chia seeds, and an avocado green curry sauce. In addition to the fragrant sauce and complimenting nutty undertones, my favorite part of this bowl was the roasted breaded cauliflower — it’s a great alternative to chicken, in both taste and texture. If you’re looking for a light lunch of savory greens, this is the dish to order.  

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