Slow, sustainable, and stylish. Texture Clothing of Bellingham strives to combine all three.  

Founded almost 20 years ago, Texture Clothing aims to provide long-lasting, ethically made, and sustainable clothing for people of all body types, genders, races, and sexual orientations.  

“Above all, Texture Clothing is committed to being a loving, kind, and supportive presence, in our community and beyond,” creator Teresa Remple says.  

Remple started her first business doing hair wraps at festivals and street fairs in the Seattle area, eventually selling clothes at different markets and festivals. During these years, Remple noticed a gap in the market. 

“Texture Clothing was born out of desire to construct clothing that fit my particular pear-shaped curves,” Remple says on her website. “I wanted to offer the rest of us some options.”  

It was then that Texture Clothing Boutique was born. Although the shop closed a few years ago, customers can still visit Texture’s showroom behind their factory on State Street, or place orders online. In Bellingham, Bay to Baker Trading Company and 3 Oms Yoga also carry a selection of items. 

Behind the Seams 

Despite its longstanding operations, Texture Clothing operates with a fairly small team. The equivalent of two full-time employees, in addition to Remple, work to produce and sell products. 

“When you purchase a piece of clothing, many hands have gone into the making of it,” Remple says. “It’s the same at Texture Clothing.” 

It all starts at the factory, with the cutting and bundling of fabric. After that, the garment is sent to either a home sewer or a factory in Seattle, finishing with embellishments like hand dyeing or printing.  

Once the garment is finished, you can purchase it online — from dresses and comfy skirts to “knit mitts,” all available in a variety of prints and patterns, sizes XS to XXL.  

Shopping Green 

Sustainability — one of the founding pillars of Texture Clothing — has been an integral part of their business plan since day one.  

Remple says she chooses to work with hemp fabrics and organic cotton, only adding 3-5% lycra to give the fabric some stretch. Texture Clothing is also a member of Green America and Sustainable Connections.  

“We strive for zero waste, we do our best to reuse in the office and the factory,” Remple says. “From recycled paper to compostable shipping bags, we do our best with the knowledge we have.”  

To learn more or shop online, visit 

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"Above all, Texture Clothing is committed to being a loving, kind, and supportive presence, in our community and beyond"