Nestled on the back side of Swinomish Casino is the lovely 13moons Restaurant. When the weather turns cold outside, and you want a lovely view of Padilla Bay, Swinomish Channel, and the San Juan Islands, I can think of no other place to retreat. As you settle in, my suggestion is the Toasted Bourbon Mocha. A warm and sweet concoction straight out of the Irish coffee playbook, it’ll heat you up from the inside out with soothing smoothness, a comfy blanket on a harsh winter day. Parts amaretto, chocolate liqueur, and bourbon balance out the top hat of marshmallow and graham cracker goodness. The coffee grounds the sweetness of the whipped cream and toasted marshmallows and is the perfect first drink to prep for all the remarkable gastronomic delights 13moons has on the menu. Snuggle in.

The Toasted Bourban Mocha

Ingredients: Disaronno amaretto, Godiva dark chocolate liqueur, Heritage Dual-Barrel Old Fashioned bourbon whiskey, freshly brewed coffee, whipped cream, toasted marshmallow, graham crackers, cocoa powder, $12

12885 Casino Dr., Anacortes
360.588.3525 | swinomishcasinoandlodge.com

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"I can think of no other place to retreat."