Visit Accomplice to savor the bold and innovative tastes of classic American favorites.  

Opening on Jan. 1, 2021, Accomplice is run by the same team of New York chefs from Carnal. Partners James Zamory, Aaron Saurer, Sean McDermott, and Skip Williamson are blending the gourmet flavors of fine dining with the convenience and comfort of burgers and fried chicken. 

Originally called Comrade, the whole brand underwent a major transformation shortly after its opening. The former purple and orange interior was updated to create a much more timeless, sleek, and creative atmosphere.  

“Somebody asked me why I named it Comrade. And I was like, ‘Well, it’s the accomplice to Carnal,’ and then we collectively thought, ‘Oh, wow, that actually sounds cooler.’ That’s when the masked guy came into play,” says Zamory. 

A modern interpretation of the Hamburgerler, a figure dressed in a jumpsuit and Nike Dunks can be seen actively breaking into the ceiling, peaking out of windows, and hiding in the bathroom. The playful character was created by artist and friend, Garret Kane, and it has become a cornerstone of the brand – the masked logo mischievous and smirking. 

Famous paintings such as “American Gothic,” “Liberty Leading the People,” “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” and the “Mona Lisa” have been recreated to feature the curious thief and are hung throughout the restaurant.  

“We try to elevate the classics with new techniques and flavors that you haven’t had before. And hopefully they still echo some kind of comfort or nostalgia,” says Zamory. 

The Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich ($11.50) is among the best-sellers, featuring chili oil and pickled jalapenos to deliver a real kick. Mayonnaise infused with the flavors of roasted chicken is smeared across the buns, incorporating yet another element of flavor. This sandwich is tangy with a satisfying and crisp crunch.  

 For those who prefer sweet over spicy, the Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich ($11.50) is the perfect option with pickles, roast chicken mayo, and honey that is steeped with roasted chicken bones. 

 For an elevated classic, order the Double Cheeseburger ($12). The burger is stacked two patties high with pickles, American cheese, and beef bone mayo– yet another unique condiment creation.  

 “We put so much thought and work into these sandwiches. I mean, it looks so simple, but what we put into this mayonnaise is crazy. It takes so long to do it right but people can definitely taste the difference,” says Zamory about the restaurant’s attention to detail. 

 Even the Fries ($3)  feature an exciting twist, topped with parsley and lemon for a full citrus experience. The Nutcracker ($9) is a New York-inspired cocktail with Bacardi, Soco, and bright fruity flavors. 

 With every aspect of their menu,  Accomplice is pushing the boundaries of what it means to enjoy classic American cuisine.  

 “We prioritize quality and creativity with the food and hope people stay for a while and really enjoy the space.” 

 1232 N. State St., Bellingham, 360.778.2336,