Summer days are made for reading in the sun. So grab your copy of Bellingham Alive magazine, because we have five places to catch up on some reading.

1. Boulevard Park

Photo: Trip Advisor

Lush grass, park benches, beaches, and trails leading to hidden alcoves– perfect if you’re looking for a bit of privacy. Go in the early or mornings or on weekdays if you are looking for a calmer environment. Prime time is right around sunset. There’s nothing like watching the sun go down at Boulevard.

Bonus: You can walk the boardwalk and continue through the parking lot to the Fairhaven trail head. It will lead you straight to Downtown Fairhaven.

2. Village Green

Photo: Bellingham Alive Magazine

For a relaxing day, head to the Village Green in Fairhaven. You can stretch out on the grass or a bench with some some gelato from Sirena Gelato as you read.

Bonus: It’s also great for people-watching.

3. Black Drop Coffee House

Photo: Black Drop Coffee House

Relax outside with one of the Black Drops’ self-described “kick-ass coffee.” Anyone looking to veer off the beaten path should head on down to try their signature drinks. From their “Just Like Heaven” white chocolate lavender mocha, to the “Bee’s Knees” rose vanilla honey latte, you’ll get to savor the funkier side of Bellingham’s coffee scene. They have outdoor seating right in the middle of downtown on the street corner. You can read, sip, and people-watch all day long.

4. Birch Bay

Photo: Big Belly Services

Whether you’ve never been there or you’ve been there a million times who cares? Go hit the beach. Bring the whole family for a day of fun, while you lean back, put on those new sunglasses you’ve been waiting to wear, and read. Just think about the warm sun heating the side of your face, sand beneath your feet, and maybe even a cool bottle of kombucha or iced tea close at hand.

5. Galbraith Mountain

Photo: Wikipedia

Should you take a hike or stay home and read?  Why not do both? Hikes are fun, but even better is arriving at the end of the hike and pulling out your favorite book. Galbraith Mountain has great trails and stunning views. You can read your magazine while looking out over Bellingham Bay. It’ll be hard to choose where to look: Your magazine, or the view? We can’t say, but whatever you decide to do, might as well kill two birds with one stone. Hike and read. Dilemma solved.