Bellingham Handmade Market

If weekend shopping splurges weren’t tempting enough already, Bellingham’s newest outdoor marketplace is making it even harder to keep your wallet in your pocket on Sunday afternoons. Launched in April of this year, Bellingham Handmade Market is a collaboration between Bellingham local Rachel Jackson, Goods Nursery and Produce, and Goods Local Brews.

Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. through October, the Bellingham Handmade Market will bring together a wide variety of local creators. Vendors range from jewelry makers to hot sauce aficionados and everything in between.

Prior to the Sunday market, the Bellingham Handmade Market was hosted sporadically, in pop-up-style shops around local businesses such as Aslan Brewing Company, Kulshan Brewing Company, and Honey Moon Mead and Cider. This is the first season the market will operate on a regular, weekly basis.

While Goods Nursery and Produce and Local Brews are a constant week-to-week presence at the market, serving up locally sourced fruits, veggies, and beer, Jackson says the vendors will rotate on a fairly consistent basis.

The rotation of the 30-plus vendors means patrons can discover something new each week. Strolling through the market in August may be very different than browsing the same stalls in October. Despite the variability, you can expect to regularly find handmade leather goods, art, and upcycled products.

In addition to hand-crafted goods, attendees can grab a slice of pizza from Övn Wood Fired Pizza, a pick-me-up from Handshake Coffee, or a specialty waffle from Salty by Chance.

The idea for a weekly Bellingham Handmade Market came about during conversations between Jackson and the folks at Goods. Jackson says they both wanted to create a shopping space that focused on Bellingham artisans as a way to “extend and encourage growth in the community.”

Part of their mission involves building relationships between retailers and consumers. Going forward, Jackson hopes the market can become a nonprofit organization. For now, in the market’s first year, she says they’re still just learning the ropes.

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"The rotation of the 30-plus vendors means patrons can discover something new each week."