A Lot of Flowers

It is not too bold to say that A Lot of Flowers has become a staple of the Fairhaven community. Since 1985, the store has had a handful of owners and has occupied three different locations — all within old Fairhaven. And, when it first opened, the name literally referred to the lot where the nursery stood, rather than signaling a vast amount of flowers, co-owner Kelly Swordmaker said. She and her little sister run the shop now located at 1011 Harris Avenue. Kelly was brought into the business once her sister, Penny Ferguson, bought the store after working there for years.

The third location of A Lot of Flowers is painted in a bright chartreuse that provides a backdrop for the more dulled greens of the indoor plants that adorn the shelves. Succulents, houseplants, statuary, jewelry, cards, and home decor fill the inside of the store. While A Lot of Flowers operated as more of an outdoor nursery before moving to its current location, now customers can find small gifts and indoor items.

A Lot of Flowers has gone through quite an evolution from outdoor nursery with a petite “rustic” indoor shed with only cold water, to a beautiful designed store that attracts major foot traffic. “I can’t tell you how amazing it is to turn around and have hot and cold running water. Now we have heat and air conditioning,” Swordmaker said. No more hats and long-underwear for six months out of the year. Outside, shoppers can find larger statuary and garden accessories.

A Lot of Flowers believes in supporting local artisans and small business owners like themselves. The statuary is all sourced from three Washington artisans and much of the art along the walls is painted by local artist Ben Mann. He has worked with A Lot of Flowers owners for years, creating pieces with their specific requests in mind. To keep with the color blocking strategy of product and plant arrangement, Mann’s paintings reflect certain colors depending on the owner’s requests. The sisters use this color blocking method of grouping similar colored items throughout the store to organize merchandise easily. “When people come in looking for a pot, for example, I usually ask, ‘What is your favorite color?” Swordmaker said. Within each color display there is a mixture of textures from glass to wood pots. The store is small, yet provides layers of interest from these small vignette displays.

The sisters fill their shelves based on price, locality, and fair trade status of the product. Gifts like the small potted floral arrangements called “tid bits” are inexpensive and adorable. For as little as $14.98, customers can get a sweet small pot with an arrangement made of leftover flowers from the fresh cut arrangements. These mini arrangements make for a good gift for a co-worker, teacher, or maybe the mail deliverer. Other popular items are the crow and raven statues. “I think we like the crow because they are smart birds,” Swordmaker said. Whether it is a bright plant or a smart crow to watch over your garden, A Lot of Flowers is a quaint place to find it.

1011 Harris Ave., Bellingham
360.647.0728 | alotofflowersfairhaven.com
"The store is small, yet provides layers of interest from these small vignette displays."