With autumn just around the corner, a wardrobe switch-up may be in order. From cozy sweaters to colorful scarves, there’s plenty of fun to be had when shopping for your seasonal style. Here’s some of our staff’s fall fashion picks to keep you inspired when the leaves start to turn. 

What is a staple of your fall wardrobe? 

“A cute pair of boots.” — Jenn M. 

Big cozy sweaters are my fall go-to.” — Mariah C. 

“I love to wear boots in the fall. I feel like it really compliments my outfits.” — Kristy G. 

“ A big soft cardigan and my waterproof hiking boots.” — Devan B.  

“My favorite fall staple is a good pair of boots.” — Mia S. 

“I love the versatility of a jean jacket. It’s perfect for the transition to colder weather, so I can stay warm while still wearing summer dresses.” — Anelyse M. 

“A fun cozy jacket, usually with a pattern to tie in with my outfit of the day, paired with a scarf and I’m all good!” — Lisa K. 

What is an accessory you can’t live without? 

“ A big fluffy scarf.” — Jenn M. 

“I’m not big on accessories, but I do love a colorful or well-tailored bag that can hold all of my pocket things.” — Mariah C. 

I have always loved bracelets and they can add a lot to any outfit.” — Kristy G. 

“Hats. I have a lot of hats.” — Devan B.  

I can’t live without a good pair of gold hoops.” — Mia S. 

“I pair just about every outfit with a necklace. From something understated and dainty to large and colorful, necklaces give my outfits the perfect finishing touch — especially in the fall when I’m wearing less colors.” — Anelyse M. 

“Boots: Tall, ankle, you name it, I love it!” — Lisa K. 

What color(s) dominates your closet? 

“Black.” — Jenn M. 

My wardrobe is a sea of blacks or dark greys.” — Mariah C. 

“Black and navy blue.” — Kristy G. 

“Earth tones.” — Devan B.  

The color I would say dominates my wardrobe the most is black.” — Mia S. 

“I like to keep a variety of colors in my wardrobe. My summer items are more colorful with lots of bright reds and blues. My fall and winter outfits are a little more muted with dark reds, blacks, and greens.” — Anelyse M. 

“I tend to go towards neutral tones that brighten my complexion, but…I do love my colors for added fun!” –Lisa K.