Across the street from La Conner’s waterfront is Ladders Clothing & Co., neatly nestled between the Washington Sips Wine Bar & Shop and the La Conner Volunteer Firefighters Museum. Walking into this intimate boutique, you’ll be met with soft floral patterns, jeans, knits, and leathers of aesthetics that range from upscale country to glam retro, as well as complementary accessories that tie them all together. 

After talking with a friend during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Owner Yvonne Corbett found out many businesses in La Conner were having to shut down, and her friend expressed worry about the town’s ability to recover from their losses. 

Corbett and her husband took a trip to scout out the vacant spaces and, having originally opened up a Stanwood shop in 2015, she decided it was time for a second location. Ladders Clothing & Co. was up and running for business in October 2020 to provide La Conner with what Corbett believes are essentials: 

“Everything revolves around a good pair of shoes, some good denim, a nice jacket, and your purse.” 


Walking through the store, you’ll find plenty of pretty things to look at in a fun and relaxed space with a twinge of laid-back country vibes. Corbett says despite its intimate size, Ladders Clothing & Co. is packed full of all kinds of versatile styles that cover a range of occasions. 

“My country girls could come in for a concert and find something but then somebody can also come in, you know, if they’re going out for the night – find a cute dress for a date night with their husband or boyfriend or their significant other.” 


Corbett is a hardworking mother who appreciates quality fashion. She started in a consignment and antique shop before opening Ladders Clothing & Co. 

Although a woman of many talents, Corbett says she can’t do it all herself and has a suave trio to help her run the store in La Conner: Heidi Vitali, Maryjo Hamilton, and Tammy Ramaley. 


Ladders Clothing & Co. has chic feminine clothing and an assortment of handbags including canvas, leather, synthetic leather, and HOBO brand. They also have accessories, jewelry, hats, and a wide variety of shoes from cute, open-toed summer sandals to breathable sneakers or waterproof boots.  

“Growing up here in Washington you learn that … you’ve got to have a good selection of close-toed shoes because you never know what the weather’s gonna be like here.” 

The store has plenty of other fun non-fashion related items as well, like stickers, lotions, lip balms, plush pillows and blankets, baby shower gifts, candles, comical hand towels, and even items kids can enjoy such as scrunchies and hair clips. 


Corbett says she loves the uniquely-scented lotions they sell. 

“I’m totally going to promote another business in town, but I’ve been carrying Handmade la conner’s lotions since we opened in Stanwood,” Corbett says. “She does not make those scents for anybody else.”  

Corbette says she’s also all about a well-made purse, and the handbags you’ll find at Ladders Clothing & Co. will last for years to come. 

“It’s got to be good quality,” Corbett says. “It can’t just be something that’s going to fall apart in a couple of weeks or a couple of months.” 

609 1st St., La Conner, 360.572.4279,