1 Mama’s Garden — Deming

Right off Valley Highway lies a picturesque farm east of Bellingham, complete with roaming chickens. Renee Kalsbeek, co-owner of Mama’s Garden, says that this farm is unique because it is owned by three sisters. These three mamas are dedicated to providing healthy, high-quality food through sustainable practices. Mama’s Garden recently purchased 2,000 blueberry plants! They are not organic this year, but do not spray with pesticides and will transition to organic next year. Stop by the blueberry patch on Strand Road for U-pick, open Saturdays 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., or swing by to pick up fresh eggs, beef, and veggies at the farmstand at the main location!

5384 Strand Rd., Deming (U-pick location)
2600 Valley Hwy, Deming (Main location & farmstand)

2 Breckenridge Blueberries — Everson

This organic blueberry farm in Everson offers six different varieties across  five acres. Breckenridge blueberries opened in 2009 and strives to provide the community with berries that are free from pesticides – giving to you what the farm owners themselves would be comfortable giving to their own children. U-pick is open now, every day from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and their fields are well maintained, which makes for comfortable, enjoyable pickings. They will supply you with buckets while you pick, but be sure to bring your own container to take home your delicious blues!

3595 Breckenridge Rd., Everson

3 Hunter’s Moon Farm — Oak Harbor

Hunter’s Moon Farm is a family-run business in Oak Harbor. With three organic late-season varieties of blues, Claire and Hal Lichtenfels Jackson created a space where families can pick and enjoy being together. “I was interested in the challenge of growing perennial crops, working with a plant over many years,” Claire said. “A lot like parenting!” After you’ve picked your fill (check website for when U-pick opens), browse more farm products: blueberry honey, syrup, and jam, and snack bars. “My favorite part of the day as a berry farmer is the early morning, right at dawn, when things are still quiet, fresh and new possibilities are all ahead of me.”

935 Bunch Lane, Oak Harbor

4 Bow Hill Blueberries — Bow

Established in 1947, this certified organic farm is the oldest blueberry farm in Skagit County. “We purchased the farm in 2011 because we were interested in reviving the historic farm and reestablish it as a sustainable family farm,” said Harley Soltes, owner and chief farmer. Bow Hill Blueberries offers so much more than just berries. Their heirloom blues can be purchased as a sauce, powder, jam, pickled, or dried, and the farm store is open year-round. Come down to Bow and enjoy delicious blueberry ice cream or a lemon blueberry popsicle while you pick, shop, or graze.

15628 Bow Hill Rd., Bow

5 Hayton Farms Berries — Mt. Vernon

Hayton Farms Berries is offering organic and transitional blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. After harvest is over in the fall, a conventional herbicide is used on their Honeoye, Puget Crimson, and Rainier strawberries; many of their berries are certified transitional, meaning they are transitioning from conventional farming practices to organic. Hayton Farms was established 1876 on Fir Island. Throughout the years, the farm has produced grain, hay, dairy, vegetable crops, and finally, berries. You can find their delicious berries at local farmers markets from Bellingham to Sedro-Woolley, and Anacortes to Seattle.

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Photographed by : Lydia McClaran