Ingredients: Dry County Small Batch Apple Pie Liquor, Fresh Lemon and Orange Juice, Maple Syrup, All Spice | $10


This time of year it’s hard to resist the enticements of Edmonds’ Epulo Bistro on a cold, wet evening. Bright warmth radiates from the bistro’s windows, drawing in passersby in hooded jackets, shoulders hunched against the wind and rain. Should you decide to stop in to treat yourself after a long workday or to warm up after a Saturday spent shopping for holiday gifts, we recommend sampling the Apple Pie — the drink, not the dessert, that is. Made with a base of brandy, the cocktail serves up fresh-picked apple flavor, brightened by the lemon and orange juices, sweetened by maple syrup, and rounded out by the popular baking spice, allspice. One of the signature cocktails from Bar Manager Dave Dyck’s menu, the Epulo Bistro’s Apple Pie

Apple Pie features Dry County Small Batch Apple Pie Liquor, made locally in Marysville. Dry County owners and distillers Howard and Jennifer Johnston have earned awards from Sip magazine and the Beverage Tasting Institute for their Apple Pie liquor, which features butter, crust, and red apple notes for full effect.

Located just off the roundabout at the heart of downtown Edmonds, Epulo Bistro serves Mediterranean inspired small plates, wood fired pizza, and entrees. The atmosphere is modern but cozy, with warm, dim light and candlelit tables and deep, cushioned booths, making it the perfect place to enjoy happy hour or a nightcap