Iconic Candy You Can Make Together 

Halloween doesn’t have to start and end with trick-or-treating. It can be a time for family bonding just as much as the other year-end holidays! Making your own candy corn at home is a great way to get even the little ones interested in helping in the kitchen. Sugar syrup, dried milk, powdered sugar, food coloring, and a few other things join together to make edible dough that you can then mold together into those familiar little triangles. 

Re-use Tools for Sustainable Spooks 

Carving pumpkins is so much messy, creative fun. But if you’re like me, you always misplace those carving tools from one year to another, or you damage them and throw them away after just a couple uses. Instead of buying those cheap packs of carving tools every year, invest in a more expensive kit. You’ll save money and space in the landfill and be able to use them for things like scooping out other gourds, scoring and carving gingerbread, and much more! 

Yet Another Use for Pumpkin Seeds 

If you read our Pumpkin User Guide on p.118, you’ll already have toasted pumpkin seeds on the brain. But you can take it one step further! Blending roasted and shelled pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, in a food processor will yield pumpkin seed butter. This seed butter is minerally and complex in flavor, with a delightfully green coloring that goes perfectly with the spirit of the season.

 Tricky Treats 

The element of surprise is an important part of Halloween, which means that the perfect treats for spooky celebrations are ones with hidden surprises or reveals! What do we mean? Think about jelly donuts with bright red filling, cakes with a hollow core where M&Ms or sprinkles can hide, or delicious beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) that change colors with the use of butterfly pea flower.