Originally built as a residence, Chuckanut Manor has welcomed diners for more than 50 years. Visitors savor Pacific Northwest fare as well as views from one of the most scenic drives in Western Washington. In 2019, seasoned restaurateur Meagan Pickett became the third owner; she plans to maintain the manor’s historic charm, culinary traditions, and warm hospitality.

“Customer service is everything,” says Pickett. “I want everyone to come as they are, whether they are a hiker or on a date, to enjoy good food and the amazing view.”

Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday, including a daily happy hour from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., the restaurant features an expansive upscale dining room with white tablecloths, nautical decor, local artwork, and windows that show off the stellar Samish Bay view. There is also a more casual bar, an additional event space, and a seasonal outdoor patio. If possible, arrive around sunset; you won’t be disappointed.

The food is delicious, especially if you’re a lover of seafood. Known for their fresh oysters, Chuckanut Manor serves them raw ($3 to $3.50 each). You can also find them in the Manor Rockefeller, a signature dish featuring four broiled Blau’s Samish Bay Pacific Oysters topped with hollandaise, spinach, and bacon.

For appetizers, the Arancini ($14) turned out to be my favorite. It comes with risotto cakes made with root vegetables, Samish Bay vache, Romesco, and crispy shaved sweet potato. The Crab Cakes ($19) are packed with crab meat and the cucumber pico de gallo and cumin slaw give each bite a delightful crunch.

For entrées, the Halibut & Chips (market price) comes out crispy and tender with a side of delectable fries and homemade tartar sauce. The Wild Salmon ($32) has a pleasing presentation with juicy wild salmon set atop an earthy farro cake surrounded by sweet butternut squash and beurre rose.

For those interested in staying overnight, The Flat at Chuckanut Manor boasts a two-bedroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and stunning views. 3056 ChuckanutDr., Bow, 360.766.6191, chuckanutmanor.com

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"Customer service is everything. I want everyone to come as they are, whether they are a hiker or on a date, to enjoy good food and the amazing view."