From veterans experiencing homelessness to hungry children, Wildbird Charity has led the flock in Whatcom County outreach since 2016. Founded by a group of college friends, Wildbird aims to ease the daily struggles of communities in need, while also raising awareness.

“We can’t help everybody,” executive director and administrator Phill Esau says. “But we can do what we can do, and hopefully make sure fewer children are coming to school hungry on Monday mornings.”

Esau is referring to Wildbird’s Starfish Pack USA, a school affiliated initiative where, each week, a handful of volunteers
prepare 173 nutritious lunch bags for children in need.

As a former school principal, Esau says he is dedicated to taking care of the physical, mental, and emotional needs of children. Wildbird is run primarily through volunteers, with financial contributions from interlinked local businesses, including the new Wildbird Treasure Nest Boutique in Blaine.

Nestled at the end of Peace Portal Drive, the boutique sells donated items at low prices—with profits going towards outreach.

“We’re not just interested in making money,” Esau says. “We’re interested in focusing on solving some of the poverty issues in this county.”

The boutique features a wide variety of products, from discount designer dresses to affordable jewelry and home decor items. Store manager Andrea Skorka works to collect, clean, and prep donations for sale, all while coordinating outreach. Much of that outreach involves distributing care essentials.

Skorka and other Wildbird volunteers prepare weekly bags for people experiencing homelessness. Each bag comes with essential products like dental hygiene supplies, shaving cream, antibiotics, deodorant, and tampons.

“It’s just been a real heartfelt thing, knowing that I worked hard all week and this is the outcome of hard work—it’s a labor of love,” Skorka says.

Wildbird continues striving to help the people of Whatcom County, from large cooperative initiatives like the backpack and outreach programs to smaller projects like transportation or food assistance. The organization will soon add Skunky’s, a junk collection service, to their list of donation collectors.

674 Peace Portal Dr., Blaine, 360.224.3527,

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"We can’t help everybody, but we can do what we can do, and hopefully make sure fewer children are coming to school hungry on Monday mornings."