A line of excited customers winds around the tables
and chairs to the door. It’s a Saturday afternoon
at one of Edmonds’ newest additions, BlackBall
Taiwanese Desserts, where patrons eagerly await a
tasty treat of boba and sweet potato balls, crushed ice,
and dessert soups.

Located on the corner of Hwy 99 and 220th St. SW, the
chain’s newest U.S. franchise, owned by Tim Nguyen and
managed by his sister, Thuy Nguyen, opened its doors on
May 6, following in the footsteps of the wildly popular San
Gabriel, California, location. With healthy ingredients and
distinct flavors, BlackBall Desserts has gained favor around
the globe with franchises in 15 different countries.

Sleek, chic, and fast-paced, this dessert spot offers an array
of crushed ice dishes, teas with taro and jelly, and dessert
soups served hot or cold. With a focus on natural ingredients,
grass jelly plays a starring role in many of the dishes. Made
from the stalks and leaves of the Mesona chinensis plant, a
member of the mint family, grass jelly is grown in East Asia
and boiled into a dark jelly substance that can be consumed
either hot or cold.

Unlike traditional American desserts, BlackBall
Desserts approaches the after-dinner hour with a variety
of flavors, textures, and temperatures. Ranging from hot
soups brimming with red beans and xian cao to crushed
ice surrounded by taro and sweet potato balls, this
dessert destination offers the adventurous eater countless
combinations to choose from.

A real smorgasbord of nutritional options, the eatery
serves up a mix-and-match option in which customers can
select a hot or cold base, either grass jelly, aiju jelly,
or matcha jelly, along with two toppings. Toppings include
boba, kidney beans, konjac jelly, aloe vera, green beans,
or matcha pudding, just to name a few.

For the adventurous eater, try the ever-popular aiyu jelly
with boba, nata coco, taro balls, and sweet potato balls. A
mixture of textures and flavors, served iced, cold, warm, or
hot, this savory dish will have your taste buds wanting more.

For a quick pick-me-up, try the Cappo Green Tea. A frothy
green tea mixture with grass jelly will give an energy boost
while soothing your taste buds with a light jasmine flavor.

Whether you’re in the mood for a healthy, mood-lifting
Matcha Milk Smoothie or the Cranberry Crushed Ice served
as a mound of sweet, bright red flavored ice surrounded
by kidney beans, boba, and taro balls, you’re in for a
tasty experience.

BlackBall Taiwanese Desserts
22001 Washington 99, Edmonds

"You're in for a tasty experience."