The Shop
Does a peaceful yet adventurous day on the river or
lake this summer sound appealing to you? Want to
try something new with the family? Or, do you live to
cast a fly rod? If you answered “yes” to any of these
questions, try visiting Pacific Fly Fishers located in
the ever-growing city of Mill Creek, with easy access
to both I-5 and I-405. Pacific Fly Fishers specializes
in all things fly fishing and only carries the owner’s
and manager’s absolute favorite items. Expect a wide
selection of products packed into every shelf and
corner of this discerning shop.

The Atmosphere
Tales of recent fishing exploits can be heard swapped
at the counter and tips on favorite river adventures in
the aisle ways. Pacific Fly Fishing feels easy and sincere,
like an angler’s hangout or the bait shops of simpler
times. All are welcome, beginners to experts. Everyone
just wants to be on the water, living their next fishing
story, eager to regale friends around tomorrow’s cup
of coffee.

Key People
Owner Michael Bennett opened Pacific Fly Fishers
in 2004. His love for fly fishing has taken him from
the waterways of Alaska to Belize. He specializes in
steelhead, stillwater trout, and bass fly fishing. The
store manager Ben Zander’s fishing often takes him to
the saltwater beaches of Puget Sound, where he guides
walk-in and boat fly-fishing trips for sea-run cutthroat
trout. You’ll also find Joe Ewing at the shop, offering
expertise and guided tours, like steelhead fly fishing
throughout Washington.

What You’ll Find
You’ll find an incredible inventory of top notch flyfishing
gear and accessories from waders, rods, lines,
and reels, to flies, fly tying materials, float tubes,
and clothing. So what if you’re a beginner and don’t
know where to start? Bennett’s got you covered. “As
a beginner walking into Pacific Fly Fishers, I would
recommend walking right up to the counter and asking
for how to get started,” he said. “We offer classes as a
good starting point, but also walk you through some
beginning rod and reel outfits and maybe talk to you
about waders and boots. These are usually the first
purchases someone makes when getting into the sport.”

Owner’s Favorite Summer Spots
“In July, I usually spend some time looking for
steelhead on the Skykomish. In August, I often take
a trip to the lower Deschutes River in Oregon for
steelhead. Other great mid-summer trips would be a
float trip down the Yakima River for trout or walking/
wading the middle or south fork of the Snoqualmie
River above the falls,” Bennett said. “As for kids
and families, usually small lakes are the best bet for
younger kids. These smaller lakes tend to have lots
of species of warm-water fish, like perch, bass, and
various panfish, as well as trout. In the late spring and
summer months, these fish can be plentiful and are a
good target for kids since anglers can often catch quite
a few of them in a day.”

Pacific Fly Fishers
1018 164th St. SE, Ste. A-22, Mill Creek

"Pacific Fly Fishing feels easy and sincere, like an angler's hangout or the bait shops of simpler times."