Whether you’re sending rugrats of your own back to those hallowed halls this fall or not, the unmistakably strong scent of Back to School is in the air and impossible to ignore. It’s everywhere. On TV, pulsing through the radio waves, and yelling from store windows up and down the street.

While this time of year may signal the end of homework-less lazy days by the lake for kids and teenagers, it can take on a different meaning for those of us past our pimply years: a new beginning, of sorts. Lacking the pressure and hubbub of New Year’s and its resolutions, or the slightly manic cleaning spree that the first signs of Spring brings out in some of us, Back to School can be a time to recalibrate, reset, and rethink.

At first, Back to School may not signify much to those of us working the M-F grind—our emails, projects, and meetings know no seasons—but it does bring an unavoidable shift to mind. Can’t you feel it?

Instead of letting fall lull me into slowing down for the season, I piggyback off the energy of Back to School season to re-up enthusiasm for personal pursuits, check my professional goals, reconsider what’s important in my day-to-day life, and get out and enjoy the final adventures of summer before the bell rings.

Take Back to School as you will–annoying, unimportant, a welcome relief, or just the natural order of things as fall rolls around. Or, you can embrace this time of year as a push to get out and soak up those last summer vibes before hunkering down with your nose in the proverbial book yourself.

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