After growing up in their mother’s retail store in Chelan, Jenna and brother James Wadkins opened Outbound, an apparel store in Fairhaven, about a year and a half ago. The outdoor apparel store differentiates itself from the big names in recreational clothing with its selection of small, but innovative brands. In addition to seeking out unique merchandise, Jenna said she is committed to offering customers clothing that takes them throughout their entire day. For Jenna, it is better to have a small wardrobe that enables a life full of experiences than a big wardrobe with little versatility. All too often, clothing brands develop multiple kinds of the same piece to allow customers to have a select wardrobe for each part of their lives. Outbound aims to provide a selection of clothing that does just the opposite. Why have a professional jacket, athletic jacket, and an outdoor recreation jacket when there are products that fulfill multiple aspects of life?

“We want to provide clothing that will get our customer through any activity, not just outdoor [activities],” Jenna said. Much of Outbound’s selection features materials that are quick-dry, sweat-wicking and, for our environment, made from lightweight, yet warm, down. “It is important that our customers, who move a million miles a minute, can wear the same outfit all day and be comfortable,” Jenna said. A versatile favorite of Jenna’s is Hard Tail Forever cotton yoga pants, which Outbound carries in fun colors and patterns. The made-in-the-USA cotton pant is perfect for the gym, hiking, everyday errands, or even a date night.

While technically an outdoor and recreation apparel store, Outbound is in the business of glamming up the outdoors and Jenna has no problem saying so. “There is a time and place for hiking pants,” she said. Outbound’s collection of stylish athletic clothes make it easy to put together a cute outfit for a light hike or trip to the park. Yoga pants and a light sweater go with just about any activity in the Pacific Northwest. Outbound is committed to tying the outdoors into everyone’s lifestyle. The store carries necessities for bringing the outdoors closer to each customer.

Beyond clothing, Outbound also carries entry-level recreational equipment, that, like their clothing, is versatile beyond the wilderness. One of Jenna’s favorites, the Grayl filtration and purification bottle, can be used for camping or your next vacation. Jenna said she brings her Grayl with her whenever she travels to keep all her water clean and healthy. Customers will also find a small variety of shoes, seasonal accessories, and budget-friendly camping gear. “I provide accessories that will get you on your next adventure. People that are new to the outdoors are often looking for less expensive gear,” Jenna said. No matter what your next adventure holds, whether it is conquering the next mountain, making it to the gym this week, or just another day at the office, Outbound has comfortable and stylish options to help you get there.

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"For Jenna, it is better to have a small wardrobe that enables a life full of experiences than a big wardrobe with little versatility. "