Nuestra Paloma by Keenan’s at the Pier

• 1.5 oz El Jimador tequila
• .5 oz Cynar
• ¾ oz Triple Sec
• .5 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice
• 3 dashes of bitters to add depth and a character
Nuestra Paloma is an elegant drink for those who love tequila. El Jimador is a reliable tequila to have on hand. Cynar is an Italian liqueur made from a blend of 13 plants including artichoke. It has a chestnut color and imparts a bittersweet flavor. Measure the following ingredients into a martini shaker, give it a few tosses, and then pour it into cocktail glasses. Although it would be easy to quaff several of these cocktails, one must balance indulgence with reason.


Nuestra Palmoa
"Although it would be easy to quaff several of these cocktails, one must balance indulgence with reason."