Happy Valentine’s Day from North Sound Life!

Write the Perfect Valentine Poem in 5 Steps:

1. Make a list of 8 – 10 qualities your true love has.
2. Make a list of 8 – 10 places and specific place names that are significant to you both
3. Make a list of memories 8 – 10 good memories
4. List 8 – 10 verbs that pertain to activities you both enjoy
5. List some elements: Earth, Air, Water, Light, etc.

Now, put it all together.
This is a rough example. You can do better!

Poem for X

The only kindness in the Badlands, hand outstretched
catching me before I hit the prickly pear,
the wind-whipped buffalo grass around us
no match for your own patience. The hike
left us spent, laughing at the stars
that dotted the giant sky. Lost, we watched
the road for cars and hitched to Wall. The
tent filled with morning light, the day
broke into a wide smile just for us.

Sparkly glitter, doily, and construction paper heart optional.