Have you ever wondered if you were made for a different era? I sure have. Ever since I was young, vintage styles have always inspired me and I often found myself nostalgic for those simpler days. Today, my Pandora station is riddled with the Rat Pack and Elvis Presley, A-line dresses make me swoon, and winged eyeliner with red lipstick is my cosmetic staple. The 1950s are my thing.

Although my soul delights in the years-gone-by, expressing my style through vintage trends has never been a common or easy thing for me. But every time I push past my hesitations and reservations to connect with my inner-vintage fashionista, I feel confident, flirtatious, and proud to be representing a style that resonates most truly within me. And as luck would have it, vintage fashions seem to be coming back bigger and bolder than ever before.

If you’re like me and wanting to flex your vintage styling muscles without knowing where to start, you have come to the right place! I’ve gathered a few quick tips that will help you start styling your vintage look in no time.

As I previously mentioned, the biggest barrier I face in styling myself is my own doubt and lack of confidence in my ability pull it off. Many factors affect how we choose to style ourselves, but the two most influential I see come up are time and money. I know that when my energy is low, I go for what is familiar and skip out on pushing my style boundaries, but sometimes that nudge is what I need to get me feeling inspired again. Similarly, when my budget is tight and money is a barrier, I also often find myself playing down my style because I feel as though if I can’t have a head-to-toe look with all the accessories, leading to a “style fail.” But during my time in the beauty industry, I’ve learned that the smallest details can sometimes make the biggest difference. When you’re looking to make a change, but the time or money just isn’t there, change it up with something small! Try a new lip color that fits the era you are going for, or perhaps a new accessory or bold pair of sunglasses. Even if my outfit isn’t there, I know I can throw on a good red lip and feel vintage-fabulous in an instant (plus, it’s pennies on the dollar compared to furnishing a whole outfit). When you feel confident, your personality exudes confidence, and that is what makes or breaks a look — so find something small that makes your personality jump for joy and wear it boldly.

I know I’m at risk of stating the obvious here, but I think that we all can admit there are styles we’re comfortable with, styles we’re not, and styles we would never try simply because we assume we can’t pull them off. But how can we know for certain if we never try? Although I’m a “50s girl,” I saw a fabulous pair of heels at a thrift store recently that were mustard yellow and looked just like something you’d find at Nordstrom’s in the 70s. I’m still not quite sure why I tried them on, as they were neither in a style nor a color I had ever worn before. Much to my surprise, I loved them! They are now a proud staple in my wardrobe, and I love how they can take a plain t-shirt and pair of jeans to a whole new level. Wearing vintage fashions is the epitome of reinvention, so step out of your comfort zone and try something different — you just may find a new look that you love.

There are many aspects that go into creating a look, be it clothing, makeup, accessories or hair. Start small with the areas that are new to you, but experiment big with the areas in which you thrive. As a makeup artist, I love experimenting with different colors and application techniques to create new looks, but my clothing and hair styles are where I struggle. If makeup isn’t your thing but hair and styling outfits are, great! Challenge yourself there. Instead of spinning your wheels on things that don’t work well for you, take smaller risks in those areas and bigger risks in the areas you’re most comfortable. This can save time, sanity, and will keep you feeling true to yourself while expanding your style.

So there you have it; start small, try something new, experiment. With those three steps together you will find yourself connecting with your inner-vintage fashionista in no time! But most importantly be true to yourself and pursue the styles that bring out your inner confidence and grace because in the end, it’s always about letting the real you shine through.

"start small, try something new, experiment. With those three steps together you will find yourself connecting with your inner-vintage fashionista in no time!"