Makeup How-To:

Step 1: Skin
Never skip skincare. You want to ensure that you have healthy skin to create a masterpiece from your perfect
makeup canvas. Always start with a moisturizer suited for your skin type and a light eye cream that is applied with your ring finger (it is your weakest finger, and causes less tugging on your delicate eye area). Primer can be beneficial here too, or it can be blended with the foundation (see Step 3).

Step 2: Eyes
I always apply my eye makeup before foundation to avoid having to redo any mistakes or fallout from eye makeup or
shadow. Doing the eyes next also allows the moisturizer to sink in and creates supple skin that is foundation-ready. For this look, I started out with a light coat of neutral-toned cream-to-powder eyeshadow base all over the top lid to the brow. Using a blending brush I applied a creamy white to highlight the brow bone and inner corners (near the tear duct), a light greige (grey+beige) in the crease and along the center of the lower lashes and a dark purplish taupe along the outer crease and lower lashes. I then lined the top and bottom waterline (the closest skin to the eye between the lashes) with a dark brown eyeliner (try Revlon ColorStay in Black/Brown) and then “smoked” it slightly with a smudge brush. Apply two coats of mascara (and maybe a few falsies for extra pop). Tip: I used all matte eyeshadows for this look, but is it easy to add a sweep of metallic shadow over the top for a little somethin’

Step 3: Face
Apply your choice of foundation (tint, full coverage, etc.) and add concealer as needed under eyes or blemishes. My policy for foundation, especially for an everyday look, is usually less is best. If you have redness usually a tinted moisturizer can fix it. Avoid applying full coverage all over for a few blemishes — just use a precision brush and spot cover. I sometimes add some primer to my foundation blend for two reasons: to sheer out my foundation, and to increase its staying power. Just remember that certain formulas (eg. gel based and oil
based) might not vibe well together so remember to do your research. I finished this look with a sweep of soft rose blush and a little contour color in the hollows of the cheek and around the frame of the face. A shimmery highlighter
along the top of the cheeks in a champagne color can be applied for extra glam. Tip: I always use a dual fibered brush to apply foundation — this has been my best friend and favorite tool for years! Investing in a nice foundation brush and cleaning it regularly will prolong its life and prove a worthy investment for your makeup bag.

Step 4: Lips
Here I used a very soft pink with neutral tones. I started with a lipliner that was one shade darker than my lipstick and lined the lips and softly faded the color halfway into the center of her lip. Then using a lip brush I applied a sheer coat of a soft nude pink lipstick into the center of the lip and blended it into the liner. This subtle ombre creates a fuller looking lip. (Try MAC “Etcetera” Pro Longwear Lip Pencil+MAC “Honeylove” Lipstick.) Add a sweep of lip gloss and flash yourself a smile to finish off your look.

"Tip: I used all matte eyeshadows for this look, but is it easy to add a sweep of metallic shadow over the top for a little somethin’ extra."