It’s that time of year again — vacations are winding down, school is back in session and routine has resumed once more. Although we all know we’ll miss those carefree summer days, I can’t help but feel that fall is Bellingham’s favorite season. We rejoice in the beautiful colors, praise cozying up with a warm latte (pumpkin spice, perhaps?), and can hardly wait to start wearing our favorite sweater.  But while the late summer lingers here in Bellingham, it is the perfect time to slow down the pace and savor this perfect season. One way to both enjoy and preserve this beautiful time is to capture it on film. Whether a family session for Christmas cards, an engagement session for those save-the-dates, a senior photo package or a portrait session just because, there is no better time to get your pictures done.

For those of you who already have fall photos planned or for those still considering it, here are my styling tips so you can make the most of your investment!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize
While this may seem obvious, or easy, I cannot stress enough how proper accessorizing can take a portrait from good to great! Scarves, jewelry, jackets, shoes — they all add style and texture that will translate well in photos. Utilizing your accessories can also help you save money. Instead of buying a new outfit, you can turn a simple dress or pair of jeans with a t-shirt into a full-fledged outfit by adding a scarf and cute boots. Not sure which accessories to use? Bring them all! You can always decide when you get there and it’s better to have the option of using them than not having them when you need them. Plus, your photographer might have some input on what will photograph the best.

Think Differently About Matching
For years, matching outfits have been the status quo for family sessions. And while the concept is a good one, the execution hasn’t always been on par. Identical outfits can take away texture which keeps interest in the pictures, as well as detract from personal style. Instead of choosing matching outfits, pick a color palette (i.e. blue and cream) for your family so each person can find an outfit that suits their personality but still flows well.

Kick It Up a Notch
When thinking about how to style your hair and makeup, don’t be afraid to go a little bold. While still looking like yourself is important, the camera and light can often wash us out in pictures, so a little extra product can help counter-balance that. If hiring a professional is not an option, make sure to take some time to pamper yourself! A little extra makeup and a few more curls in your hair will bring your beautiful features to life on the other side of the lens. Not to mention, spending time pampering yourself can help you to feel more relaxed, confident and ready to take on the camera!

"Instead of buying a new outfit, you can turn a simple dress or pair of jeans with a t-shirt into a full-fledged outfit by adding a scarf and cute boots."