Considering that roller derby is like the world’s roughest crossfit mixed with gladiatoral combat, it follows that these women are in seriously good shape. You can be, too, if you follow their strength training tips and tricks. I’m not a derby girl, just a wanna-be who makes up derby names for herself all the time, but I have lots of love for the wheeling sport.

So if you wanna’ roll like a killer, these tips and tricks are great on or off the wheels to get you in power form. I’m not a doctor, so consult one before starting any workout. And if you want to ask a real derby girl her tips and tricks, look no further than our own Roller Betties—these women know how to rock a rink. These exercises are all off-skate.

Wall Sits (from Aloha City Rollers, Place back flat against a wall and slide down. Knees at a right angle, back straight. Do 10 one-minute reps.

Deadlift: (from You need full power going into those curves, so here’s a way to get there. Romanian deadlift: Start at the top, keep legs straight as you hinge, lower the bar to just past your knees and lift. Deadlifting can be really bad for your back, so be sure to do this under the supervision of a trainer.

Plank (from chicagooutfitrollerderby): The bane of Pilates, the evil plank strengthens your core, arms, and legs all at once. Lie flat, raise up on your arms, then upon your legs. Keep your posterior flat, so that you form a straight line, and hold.

Plyometrics ( Burpees, star jumps, box jumps, high jumps all fall under the category of plyometrics. They’re a form of training that goes for power and height in your routine. Think Tigger.

Squats and lunges ( Ah, the good ‘ol multipurpose squat. Squats and lunges take on an extra shimmer when you’re working on your derby form. These core muscles you’re working are essential to keeping you strong and upright on the track.

There are hundreds of workouts out there, but these basics will get you started on your way to your first tryout. Derby is a fast, furious, and fun way to spend your extra time. Just be warned, Fresh Meat—I hear it’s addictive.

"I’m not a derby girl, just a wanna-be who makes up derby names for herself all the time"