Under the guise of a traditional gynecology clinic is Chinn GYN, LLC, a women’s wellness center located in Mount Vernon. With a smiling pink “cuterus” as its logo, Chinn GYN has intentionally shifted the benchmark for what standard women’s healthcare should look like. 

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Melissa Chinn, DO, Chinn GYN was established to fill a void in women’s healthcare, introducing a model of care whereby the whole of a woman, not just a few of her intimate parts, is the focus.  

We love to help women realize their potential, fall back in love with themselves, learn to truly care for their bodies, and powerfully solve their problems,” asserts Chinn. 

Accomplishing this is no small feat, but the all-female staff at Chinn GYN have managed to create a holistic, whole-body wellness center that caters to a woman’s reproductive organs with the same personalized attention as it does her skincare routine, weight management, and mental health.  

“You are an entire person,” adds Morghan Milagrosa, ARNP, Chinn GYN provider. “When you come in for your appointment, you’re going to get exactly what you need, but it may not be what you came in for. Maybe we spend the entire time just talking about you and your stresses. Maybe you leave with a prescription for Pilates instead of Xanax.” 

At Chinn GYN, your primary care needs will always be met, even those that oftentimes go unnoticed or underserved.  

“The recipe of your care matters,” adds Milagrosa. “There is so much more to whole body care than what you can see on the surface. Your lack of sleep or sense of worth may be triggering bigger ailments. We spend the time needed with you to heal you from the inside out.” 

All new patient consultations run 60-90 minutes to gain a better understanding of the person, not the clipboard, before beginning any treatment plan. 

Bring us your hot flashes and dying libidos

Chinn GYN offers an array of specialty services that recognize how a woman’s body ebbs and flows through the natural aging process, with changes that impact both physical and emotional wellbeing. 

In addition to regular gynecologic procedures, the clinic also offers medical cosmetic services ranging from laser hair removal and skin tightening to non-ablative laser skin resurfacing and wrinkle reduction.  

While you may sip a flute of champagne during your wait, Chinn GYN is not a med spa. It’s the only clinic in Washington where licensed medical providers perform all cosmetic treatments. Dr. Chinn is also the only female, non-plastic surgeon provider in the PNW performing reconstructive procedures on women. 

“Core-to-floor” strengthening without surgery 

Chinn GYN is the only women’s clinic in the state to offer both EmSculpt Body Sculpting and EmSella Pelvic Rejuvenation services. Emsculpt is a revolutionary, high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology that pulses an equivalent of 20,000 repetitions of targeted exercise in a 20-minute period. EmSella is an innovative incontinence treatment that strengthens your pelvic floor muscles as you sit comfortably (and fully-clothed) in an electromagnetic chair.  

Combining abdominal Emsculpt with pelvic floor Emsella treatments enhances overall function throughout the abdomen and pelvis, strengthening muscles and reducing the risk of falls, injury, and incontinence symptoms.  

“Women’s care is more than PAP smears,” concludes Chinn. “It’s time we start to understand this and support the shift toward truly individualized and wholly comprehensive care.” 111 S. 12th St., Suite A, Mount Vernon, 360.824.5278, chinngyn.com