For many men, relaxing after a stressful week might mean having a beer, catching a game on the TV, or, perhaps, getting a Brazilian wax treatment, also known as a “manzillion.” 

Yes, you read that right. 

In 2012, owner and esthetician Melissa Harris founded PURE Skin + Wellness, a luxury spa and wellness center located in historic downtown Mount VernonIn addition to utilizing organic, vegan, and cruelty-free products, Melissa has carved out a niche of spa treatments specifically designed for men.  

“Men like to be pampered but, for a lot of them, walking into a salon can be intimidating,” says Harris. “The environment is unfamiliar to them, and the idea of receiving a wax or lash lift can feel unsettling or even embarrassing.” 

To combat this stigma, PURE offers men a safe place to get pampered, receive much-needed services, and do it in a way that maintains their privacy and elevates their well-being. 


PURE has always focused on advanced organic skincare, massages, and facial services like eyelash enhancements and eyebrow artistry. In fall of 2020, PURE expanded its services to include sugaring, special event makeup, hair, bikini facials, and male waxing services.  

Today, PURE is one of only a few spas in the region to offer male waxing services that go beyond the traditional back and chest wax. 

Leading the male services at PURE is Hawaii-native Jazzy Adams, a Washington State Board certified esthetician. As dynamic as her name suggests, Adams brings to PURE a professionalism, charisma, and calming confidence necessary for performing treatments as intimate as a Brazilian wax. 

“Men want to be pampered and cleaned up the same way as women,” Adams says. “As an esthetician, I want to be able to cater to everyone. Brazilian waxing is a service that I provide for men and women. It’s just a body part to me, so I’m going to wax it!” 

Creating an atmosphere that allows men to come into PURE and not feel awkward is vital for return business. 

“If I, as the esthetician, am confident, professional, and honest about the procedure, the experience will be comfortable for the client,” Adams says.  


The trend for spa treatments that cater to men is rising. The International Spa Association reported in its 2017 Consumer Snapshot that 49% of spa customers are men, up from 29% in 2005.  

At PURE, men come in for a wide variety of treatments. Eyebrow waxing is quite common, as is waxing of the back and chest areas. Facial artistry is seeing growing popularity, including lash lifts and tints, as well as full Brazilian waxing. 

In addition to men’s waxing, PURE recently introduced another unorthodox treatment to its repertoire, something they call “Bikini Facials.” The new skin treatment helps reduce and treat ingrown hairs, inflammation, and dark spots post-wax. This is done through a streamlined process of double cleansing, an enzyme exfoliation scrub, two masque varieties, traditional extraction, and moisturizing. This service is available for both female and male clientele. 

“We’d love for men to get over the hurdle of saying, ‘that’s just not what men do,’ and come see us,” Harris says. “Self-care is not just for women. There is a universal desire to feel good about ourselves. We can help get you there!” 419 South 1st St., Ste. A, Mount Vernon, 360.336.6161, 

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