For me, 2017 has been the year of travel! Both domestic and internationally, I’ve had the privilege of trekking all over the globe. Now that there are so many great flights coming directly in and out of Bellingham, I have the feeling we’re all going to get the travel bug. Since I’ve constantly been in a state of packing and re-packing, I’ve been forced to get my traveling beauty routine down to a science. While I maintain a fairly simple day-to-day routine to match my busy lifestyle, I’m not the easiest traveler (just ask my husband!). I always have to be prepared for all scenarios, so limiting what I bring is no small feat for this product-junkie. But I’ve finally found a way to not only shrink my travel bag but to also keep it simple with a one-brush look. Traveling has never felt so free and simple! I hope these hacks help bring ease to your next adventure, wherever that journey takes you.


Tinted moisturizers, BB (beauty balm) creams, CC (color control) creams — they’re all having their 15 minutes of fame right now and it’s no wonder why. They’re quick, easy, and have multiple benefits beyond just providing coverage. Over the years, I’ve tried just about every single one out there and while I’ve found some keepers, I’ve never found one that I felt was good enough to temporarily replace my liquid foundation — until now. This summer I discovered Nars’ Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and my morning routine hasn’t been the same since. It blends so easy, provides coverage while still looking natural, and lasts all day! Plus, it can double as my daytime moisturizer, eliminating one product I need to bring with me. It’s hard to imagine ever traveling without this little wonder now!

$45 —


I’ve dabbled with cream stick blush for a while but don’t know why I didn’t make it a vacation staple sooner. Apply a little at the apples of your cheeks and ever-so-lightly drag it along your cheek bone towards your hair line. Use your fingers to blend out the edges and you’re done! So fast, so easy, and no brush required. My favorite cream stick blush on the market is the Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush by Kiko Milano Cosmetics. Based in Italy, I first discovered them while traveling through Florence a few years back. But Kiko must have known I was missing them because they recently started shipping to the US! Added bonus? Their cream stick blushes are easy on the wallet, so you might be able to get a few!

$12 —


It’s no secret that traveling can be hard on your skin. Liquid highlighters are my favorite way to get that dewy, well-rested look in one quick step. Using my middle and ring fingers, I dab a drop by my temple, down across the top of my cheek bone. For those with dry skin like myself that need an added boost of radiance, you can also dab a little on your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and top of your chin for a truly refreshing glow. Temptu, most well-known for their lines of airbrush makeup, has recently come out with the most gorgeous line of liquid highlighters. Mimicking that airbrush-like quality, they are so easy to apply and blend out flawlessly. Also very budget-friendly, they are sold in duo packs and are small and portable to make travel a breeze. They are hands-down my favorite new travel companion!

$15/duo —


Take it or leave it, but I’ve always got to have my setting powder. It takes away the sticky finish of my tinted moisturizer and is going to give extra staying power to my cream/liquid blush and highlighter too. Plus, it’s going to help keep my look melt-proof when I’m traveling in the heat. Makeup artists everywhere agree that the best setting powder on the market is RCMA’s No Color Setting Powder. It’s absolutely transparent, making it universal for all skin tones, and it will keep your makeup in place all day long. Believe it or not, this holy-grail of setting powders won’t set you back a ton of money either. This is the only product I bring a brush for (loose and fluffy does the trick) but a powder-puff is also a completely easy and travel-friendly option.

$12 —


If I were to only leave the house having done one part of my makeup, it would probably be my brows! A little brush up and out makes me look more awake while just a bit more color gives more structure to my face. My new brow BFF is Boy Brow by Glossier. It’s a colored wax pomade with a wand applicator and I love it because is it so quick and easy to apply. The wand gives the appearance of adding small hair strokes for a fuller but still natural brow. Just a few brushes you’re ready to go!

$16 —


I’ve tried a lot of mascaras in my day (a lot being an understatement) and continue to try new formulas that hit the market. But for a while now my ride-or-die has been Too Cool for School’s Escalator Mascara. This Korean beauty brand shows off with its adjustable wand that lets you go between dense bristles for building volume and then elongating bristles for length and definition. But what really sold me was when I travelled to Thailand wearing this mascara. Nearly 36 hours later it hardly flaked or smudged — and my eyes didn’t feel dried out! This is one mascara I’ll continue to take with me every time I hit the road.

$25 — 
"But I’ve finally found a way to not only shrink my travel bag but to also keep it simple with a one-brush look."