Robin Robertson, bestselling author, trainer, and co-owner of Bellingham Training & Tennis Club, is no stranger to knee surgery. She’s had 12 of them. Born with a rare knee condition, her first surgery took place when she was only 13. Then she became a runner, competing in high school and in college at Western Washington University, which exacerbated her conditionShe had a full knee replacement at age 34. 

“I was given a crappy pair of knees so that I can help other people not have to go through that journey,” she says.  

Healthy Knees Books 

Robertson has made it her mission to help people protect their knees. That was the motivation behind her first book, “Healthy Knees Cycling,” which was an International bestseller on Amazon when it came out in 2016.  

Her third and newest book, “Healthy Knees Total Knee Replacement,” came out this past spring, and became a #1 bestseller on Amazon in multiple categoriesThe book serves as a manual for those considering knee replacement surgery, outlining expectations, how to prepare for surgery, and methods for post-operation recovery.  

“Having your knee replaced is really scary…it’s a huge surgery…so you want it to go well,” she says 

Healthy Knees Formula 

Robertson’s newest endeavor is Healthy Knees Formula, a 16-week guided training program for those living with knee pain. The program combines the wisdom of her books with interactive cycling videos, helping participants gain knowledge as they build knee strength and stability.  

The program involves four four-week modules, with each module building upon the one before it. Participants learn about strength training, nutrition, hydration, and sleep, and enjoy access to a library of exercises.  

Follow-along cycling videos are the program’s main emphasis. The videos require a stationary bike or an outdoor bike that can go on a trainer. If you have bad knees, a bike is a good investment anyways, Robertson says 

“The right kind of movement actually helps your knee produce more synovial fluid…,” Robertson explains, comparing this fluid to oil on a rusty joint. “Riding a bike…is perfect for knees, because it’s no impact, no weight-bearing, and no lateral movement.”   

The program also targets emotional health, with a weekly mindset video to help participants stay motivated. Occasional Zoom meetings allow participants to ask Robertson questions and connect with others in the group for additional support.  

“There are so many ways you can encourage or discourage yourself,” Robertson says. “We want to help encourage. If you believe in what you’re doing and do it consistently, you will have good results.”  

Robertson reiterates that participants will be amazed by what they can accomplish by the end of the program.  

Those interested can sign up online for a group session that will begin in January. Visit for more information.  

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"I was given a crappy pair of knees so that I can help other people not have to go through that journey."