Winter is upon us, and that means rosy cheeks, chapped lips, and dry skin — but don’t fret — I have some simple solutions and product recommendations to help your beauty shine bright despite the wet, blustery winter weather.

First, in order to create a finished makeup look, you have to start with a fresh canvas. It is very important to keep your skin slightly more moisturized to combat the dull, dry skin we can get in the winter. I like to use moisturizers like Aveeno unscented to keep my face hydrated, or I use simple Vaseline. It is very important to keep a skincare routine that will not only benefit your skin, but also make applying your makeup easier.  I use Dermalogica for my acne treatment, this product is amazing! It is expensive, but worth every penny. This acne treatment works quickly and efficiently, leaving the skin feeling clean and smooth.

After your canvas is ready, I recommend using a face primer before applying any foundation or concealer. Primer is easy to apply; it is exactly like putting on moisturizer. I absolutely love primers not only because they can go on any skin type but they are usually really light-weight. Primer is an important step — it helps seal your pores, softens the skin, gives makeup a smoother look, helps makeup last longer, and lessens the appearance of acne. I recommend Too Faced face primer, this product rocks! It can be used with any skin type but I like to use this primer for more dry skin. It is a little heavier but gives a smooth look after foundation application. For oily skin, I love to use Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer. I only use about a pea size amount and put this product only on my T-zone. This product is amazing and doesn’t take much for it to do its job. Another primer I adore is MAC Skin Base Visage. This can be used with any general skin type; it goes on evenly and at first may feel too greasy or oily. But once the primer sets, putting on foundation becomes easier and more efficient.

Speaking of foundation, there are two foundations that are my go-tos. One is Youngblood; this foundation is a loose powder mineral foundation. This foundation goes on evenly if you tend to get oily skin. I have even found that in the winter time when my skin gets dry, this powder still goes on evenly and stays put. Another foundation I absolutely adore is Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Not only does everything get covered up with a small amount, but it is a 15-hour wear. I can vouch for the 15-hour wear, because for those rare nights I’ve slept in it, it’s still on the next day. This foundation is liquid and, for my oily skin, I am always hesitant with liquid foundation. But for the winter time, this liquid foundation flatters the face with its smudge-free, oil control that covers up those acne spots and gives that fresh matte look.

Now let’s talk lips. My advice is to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate those lips. In order to have your lips look amazing in any type of lip color, it is the same with having your canvas on your face ready to go. Lip color doesn’t look pretty on dry, cracked or chapped lips. If I know I’m not wearing any lip color for that day, I apply chapstick throughout the day. My personal favorite is Burt’s Bees with peppermint scent. I use this throughout the day and apply this product at night before going to bed. Another simple favorite that helps kill two birds with one stone is after applying Vaseline on my face, I apply a small amount on my lips at night. On the days I wear lipstick, lip gloss, or matte lipstick, I use a primer so my lips can have an even surface. The lip primer I like to use is Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer. It is in a clear form and is almost like Chap Stick. One of the three lipsticks I love is Youngblood lipstick. This is your classic form of lipstick, goes on smooth and gives a glossy look. Two other favorite lipsticks are the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and Color Science Lip Polish. NYX product is not only inexpensive, but it also lasts all day or night for a bold shade. The applicator can be tricky, so I use a lip brush but other than that, the product stays put. Another favorite of mine is the Color Science Lip Polish, same as the NYX, this lip polish will not come off. It is smudge-free, doesn’t wear off on cups, and goes on smoothly. These two glosses I highly recommend if you’re tired of your lipstick rubbing off.

Well there you have it! A little knowledge and the products I recommend for the winter. Enjoy!


"It is very important to keep your skin slightly more moisturized to combat the dull, dry skin we can get in the winter."