Week 1: Anxious but excited

First day of fitness was scary. I really didn’t know what to wear, what to bring, or what to expect. My personal trainer, Morgan, had told me to get a protein shake mix and a muscle-recovery drink with BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) for workout days. Then came the dreaded measurements. Morgan measured my chest, hips, waist, and asked me to tell her my current weight and let her know if that was with or without shoes. Inside my head I’m yelling, “Girl, that is dry, naked, and standing on one leg, reaching upward!” But I just said a simple “Without shoes.”

Week 2: Sore but proud

The biggest challenge I’m facing is time management. With all the food prep, I need to be more organized. But having to cook meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and arranging to pack enough snacks is adding about 40 minutes to my routine. Nutrition is going OK. It’s hard to eat that often. I’m trying to get all the meals in on time. The training sessions are hard! We are tearing and building up muscles and it’s not easy work, for sure. The muscle-recovery drink that I got helps noticeably with soreness.

Week 3: Hangry and over it

I’ve lost five pounds on the scale. Morgan reminds me I am also gaining muscle mass, so don’t spend too much time checking your weight just yet. I’m getting sick of the same food over and over, except the Asian salad and the nighttime avocado and cottage cheese — love those daily. Feeling tired and over it. It’s hard to keep going, but I’m committed. I’m learning a lot about gym equipment and terms. Starting to have some tasks I can’t complete, I keep trying to tell myself the goal is to master it over my 10-week session, not on Week 3!

Week 4: Determined

Re-visited nutrition, found some things I was doing wrong and made some adjustments. Struggling to work out the two days on my own. In fact, I haven’t really done it more than twice. Making a better effort to keep that in check. Still trying to master hot yoga class, or come remotely close to doing most of the positions. It’s about 85 degrees in the gym and very fast-paced. I fall over a lot. Morgan’s class is small and go-at-your-own-pace if you need to modify or stop. I keep trying to get better and I do notice a flexibility difference already.

Farewell 2018: Resolute! Cheers to 2019

Counting my recent nearly two-week vacation, it’s been seven weeks since I started. I’ve been working my butt off at home and with Morgan H Fitness, along with eating clean. I have lost eight pounds, two inches around my hips, one inch around my waist, 1.5 inches around my chest, and almost all of my bad eating habits. I have gained so much stamina and strength already and I am just getting started. I have gained a new attitude of achievement through hard work and patience. Mostly I have gained a new outlook on my overall health and fitness.

I have definitely lost my way a few times, especially on vacation, but I am committed to getting to my goal before my upcoming wedding next year. I am so glad that I chose to give this program a try. It’s unlike fad diets where I would drop a lot of weight initially and then eventually quit at my plateau, only to regain the weight later.

I have developed skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work hard for lasting results. I never feel sick or bloated after eating but rather feel as if I fueled my body for the work I need it to do for me. I intend to continue on my path and reach all my fitness goals in the months to come.

Morgan Herkert of Morgan H Fitness

Education: Registered nursing degree. Morgan is also certified with the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT) and in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS).

She is currently pursuing a 200-hour yoga instructor certification through Power Yoga Academy. Completion date: February 2019 Accomplishments: Nationally qualifying figure competitor (a class of bodybuilding) at the 2016 Emerald Cup. Also appeared in the Macklemore video, “Dance Off.”

Background from Morgan: I have had the pleasure of working as a nurse for 19 years. My passion for helping others has never ceased but has evolved from healthcare into fitness and beyond. My personalized approach to good health blends nutrition, resistance training, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and lifestyle modification.

By combining my medical background and my passion for fitness, I have designed a safe program for all, including those with injuries or physical limitations.

Morgan H Fitness
410 Bakerview Rd., Bellingham

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"By combining my medical background and my passion for fitness, I have designed a safe program for all, including those with injuries or physical limitations."