With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and spring just around the corner, there is no question that the air is brimming with love. As women, I think we all can relate to wanting to look our best, especially looking forward to such a fun and fanciful season. Though a quality date night depends on a whole lot more than makeup, it can certainly help to play up our personality, showcase our favorite features and boost our confidence from the inside out. Whether you’re going on a playful afternoon picnic or to a romantic candlelit dinner, learning to create a classic, romantic look is at the top of everyone’s list this season. Here are my tips to create an easy, flawless, date night style.

Use soft warm colors for eye shadow.
Light to medium matte or shimmery nudes/browns are perfect for this kind of look. They are versatile, can be played up or down and can work with any skin tone/eye color.

Use eye shadow instead of typical eyeliner.
On the top of the lid, use black or brown eye shadow on a thin angled liner brush and drag down at an angle from the outer corner of your eye down to your lid, then blend. Underneath your eye, use a pencil eye shadow brush to drag the colors you used on your lid across from the outer corner to the inner corner.

Use a waterproof white eyeliner pencil…
to rim the inner waterline of your lower eyelashes. This will help make your eyes look bigger and brighter, playing up your beautiful baby blues (or browns or hazels!).

Wear a lip color!
Lipstick always ties the whole look together, giving it a polished feel. Additionally, I know that if I’m ever having an “off” day, a little touch of lipstick always takes me from feeling drab to fab in a matter of seconds! It can be bold but doesn’t need to be, a solid but soft rosy pink will do just the trick.

Red vs. Pink
A quick how-to on choosing your best bold color

Bold lips are making a comeback, and while red is a classic Valentine’s Day staple, hot pink is trending big this year. Pink can make a statement like red but has a softer finish, making it easier than ever to go bold. Whether you want to try a fresh new look with pink or stick to your tried and true glamorous red, here are some tips on finding your perfect shade!

Picking a color either crisp in color or sheer will complement your skin-tone best, rather than something in-between. Try an orange-red or a pink with a peachy tint to it. This will brighten your fair skin and neutralize any reddish undertones. Petal pinks are also a great choice for you!

If you have a medium skin tone, you can be the most versatile with your color selection, so try as many as you’d like! Just watch out for pinks with too much blue undertone because those may wash you out; instead, try a bright, watermelon pink. Also seek out reds that are neutral or have warm undertones.

Bright and bold colors complement darker skin tones beautifully, so don’t be afraid to try something new! When looking for a red, find a color with hints of cranberry, crimson or warm brick. When searching for a pink, look for shades of magenta and fuchsia.


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