It’s never been a secret, I’m a summer girl through-
and-through. To me, just about everything gets better in the
summer. The weather is warmer, the colors are richer,
senses are heightened, and the flavors are sweeter. As it
always seems to go by ever-so-quickly, I find myself trying to
savor each sight and bring the inspiration of the season into
everything I do—my beauty routine is no exception. One
of my biggest summer inspirations are the bountiful berries
our beautiful area delivers, there’s nothing brighter, juicier, or
sweeter in my book! Any excuse I have to incorporate warm
berry tones into my look, I’m quick to take. Many people
assume going berry means going bold, but there are lots of
natural ways to build berry tones into your look. Try these
tips below to help connect your style to the sweetness of the
summer season!


When working with berry-inspired hues around your eyes,
it’s important to understand a little bit of color theory; what
colors complement each other and what colors wash each
other out. For green eyes, a blackberry-purple is the perfect
complement, bringing out that beautiful forest-like richness.
If you have blue eyes and you’re feeling inspired by soft
raspberries and flowering pinks, then you’re in luck! Pink
is an excellent choice to bring out those ocean baby blues.
For those brown eyes, a jewel-toned smoky purple eye is the
way to go to bring out your deep brown color. And if your
eyes are hazel, then you’ve got the most options. Being seated
between green and brown eyes, you can go either way!


Did you know that if you want to pick the most natural-
looking blush for yourself that it should be a berry tone? It’s
true! When we blush, it’s because a rush of blood flushes up
to the apples of our cheeks. Below the surface our blood is a
blue-purple color, almost like ripening blueberries! That’s why
a berry-colored blush can make the perfect fit for anybody.
If you know that cool-toned blushes work best for you, lean
towards those berry colors with a rose, plum, or mauve
undertones. If you know that warm blushes are a better fit,
then a raspberry, brick, or toasted almond under-toned blush
will be just what you’re looking for!


I find that many people feel like pulling off a berry lip is the
most intimidating way to rope berry into their look. But it
doesn’t have to be! If you’re not that comfortable wearing a
bold lipstick, try a sheer gloss that’s berry toned. NYX has
some beautiful colors in their ‘Butter Gloss’ series for less
than $6. These glosses have a great way of adding a romantic
color to the lips without being obvious. If you’re really
confident with your lipstick, try a creamy, satin finish. It will
balance the bold color with the softness of mimicking ripe
fruit just perfectly. Just like berry is the most natural option of
any color selection for blush, it’s the same way for the lips, so
no matter what you choose it’s hard to go wrong!


If you’re pining after a berry-filled look this season, don’t
forget the key to tying it altogether! Whether is a simple
beaded necklace, some statement earrings, a beautiful head
piece or anything else that strikes your fancy, accessorizing
is the perfect way to complement your look. If you’re feeling
like your look is jewel-toned enough and don’t want to
over-do the berry lush, think outside the box! Try working in
some green like the color of the leaves. Play with some white,
like the flowering blossoms on the berry bushes. Balance it
with the softness of a pale yellow like a golden raspberry or
a lime green, like an un-ripened strawberry. Adding these
combinations to your accessories and accents is the perfect
way to tie your whole berry-chic look together!

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"Many assume going berry means going bold, but there are lots of natural ways to build berry tones into your look."