The New Year is upon us, and with it the desire to look our best. It would be so nice if we could wave a magic beauty wand, spin around and be ready for the ball. But in reality, we do have magic — it just is found at your local medspa and beauty bar.

Wrinkles, loose and blotchy skin and other imperfections can get in the way of looking polished and refreshed. Fix those three major things, add some good quality makeup and great hair and you are ready for whatever the New Year brings.
My recommendations:

Medical Cosmetics

Wrinkle eraser
Botox is real life Photoshop. A 15-minute treatment will deliver a smoother line-free face. Botox takes effect about 3-5 days after treatment. Cost: $250–300 every 90 days or so.

The best fillers are Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections, and they are safe, natural and highly effective. These injections are excellent for cheek, mouth area and lips. I have seen a client look ten years younger upon walking out the door. It’s best to hit the fillers at least two weeks prior to an event or party to allow recovery from any residual swelling. $525–$1200 range.

Fractional laser
Fractional laser treatment works over the skin in small areas. Ablative treatments remove the top layer of skin and part of the sub-layer, but fractional lasers keep the outer layer of skin intact. This means there is no down time. You want to do this treatment at least 2 weeks ahead of your big event or party to see some visible tightening. Repeat in about 4 weeks and continue on for up to 6 months. $750–$1000 per session.

Chemical peels
There is a large range of peels to choose from depending on your goal. Chemical peels reduce fine lines around the eyes and mouth, improve the appearance of mild scars, treat certain types of acne and more. I recommend the micro peels and lighter peels during the winter, as the air is dryer. $150-400 range

Natural Enhancement

Yes. Water water water. Hydration plumps the skin and that just plain looks better.

The Body
Do not forget the body, I recommend a full neck, chest, arm and hand micro peel to remove the flat, matte dry skin and create a dewy fresh glow.

Eyelash extensions
They look amazing in photos and generally need a fill every 2-3 weeks, so plan your session accordingly or hit up the MAC counter to have an artist show you how to glue on strip lashes and then practice at home.

There are times when no amount of makeup can cover bad skin, so first make sure your skin is the best it can be with the steps above. When you have covered that then invest in good quality foundation, concealer and brushes. Any makeup artist will tell you the brushes are the tools of the trade. If you are a novice or need some tips visit a makeup counter and ask for a lesson. They’d love to help!

Finally, enjoy the coming year and find time to relax. Cheers.

" It would be so nice if we could wave a magic beauty wand, spin around and be ready for the ball."