In honor of spring equinox, we have compiled a few of our favorite spring cleaning hacks to help you get a jump on (or avoid altogether) via plain good maintenance, that tedious national chore!

  • One of my most dreaded annual chores is cleaning the ceiling fan blades! I love this hack because it eliminates dust in the air and has a fast and easy clean up. To clean fan blades, toss the open end of a pillowcase over the blades then slowly pull off. All of the dust and dirt will stay contained inside the pillowcase, just toss in the washer when done. 
  •  Make your sink shine like new, then keep it that way year round with this simple two-step process. First, mix Borax and some lemon juice to make a paste, rub the faucet down and let dry, the shine is incredible.  Next, use Turtle Wax to keep fixtures shining all summer long! Try the wax on your freshly cleaned bathroom fan vents – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the dust-repelling power.
  • I once read that after six years, an old mattress can double its weight, from pounds of dead skin, gallons of sweat, and millions of dust mites that accumulate inside it.  I immediately replaced mine and this little trick helps keep the visual images out of my head at the very least.  The fresh scent is also nice! Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with one cup baking soda. Sprinkle on your mattress and let sit for one hour, then vacuum thoroughly. The baking soda absorbs any of the above unmentionables, as well as odors, while the essential oil leaves the mattress smelling fresh. Use lavender and eucalyptus to repel unwanted critters. If you have any left over, sprinkle the rest on your kitchen rug! 
  • Our Editor In Chief, Meri-Jo, says spring brings light to walls and baseboards in a whole new way. She uses Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to give a fresh look to the house, helping easily remove dried pet slobber, hair, nose prints, or scuff marks you don’t see as well in the winter months. Speaking of magic erasers, this is one cleaning tool that you should keep on hand.  It works wonders on outside windows, bathroom tile, glass shower doors, stainless steel, and much more! I like to buy a bulk box of the off-brand online, they work just as well and save a fortune!


  • Ok, here’s an annual chore that can be made easy! Use a dry Q-tip in the tracks of your windowsills to loosen dirt & grime, then use canned air to blast it all out.  If you are as anti-dust as I am, you can place your vacuum hose at one end so it gets sucked straight up, dust, dead bugs, and all.



Whether you’re just refreshing or all-out spring cleaning your home this year, we hope our favorite tips help with this daunting task!

Happy spring from Bellingham Alive!