What are your thoughts on crossbody, mini backpacks, or traditional purses for traveling? 

In my opinion, choosing the right suitcase and purse for traveling is all about where you’re going. I am usually most comfortable with a crossbody bag because I like being able to keep it close and in front of me at all times, especially in large crowds at tourist destinations or at the airport. My favorite right now is the Snapshot Bag by Marc Jacobs — it comes in lots of cute colors. I also like to check local boutiques and thrift stores for vintage bags whenever possible! 

Are there specific fabrics that pack with ease and don’t wrinkle? Brands? 

I typically travel with my mini steamer for this exact reason — it’s hard to strictly pack items that don’t wrinkle. Most hotels will also have a steamer available as well. However, Pleats Please by Issey Miyake (available at Nordstrom online) is a fun, trendy brand made up of pieces that you can throw in a bag and they’ll remain wrinkle-free. They are polyester though, so keep that in mind if you’re going somewhere warm and need breathable clothing. Also, certain types of nylon and cotton don’t wrinkle quite as easily. Google is my best friend when researching fabrics. 

What would you recommend as staples for a weekend getaway when you only have one carry-on item? 

Whenever I’m packing for this type of quick getaway, I am sure to bring one outfit for each type of occasion. I also try to bring versatile pieces that could be worn for different kinds of activities. I usually pack workout clothes, two casual looks (maybe my go-to jeans or pants plus two tops I could pair with them), and one nicer outfit depending on what my plans are. Just think of what you will be doing and go from there. As far as shoes go, I love white casual sneakers because you can dress them up with a dress or down with denim — some good brands include Ecco, Common Projects, Frye, and Nike. 

When traveling and you know the weather is iffy, how should you decide what to pack? 

In this type of situation, I feel like it’s always best to pack clothes that layer easily. Include some tees, sweaters, and jackets/coats so that you are prepared for different temperatures.