Seifert and Jones Wine Merchants

19 Prospect St., Bellingham

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Seifert and Jones Wine Merchants is located in a charming downtown building that welcomes guests with tall ceilings, large windows, graphic art, and plenty of wine. Ted Seifert and Diane Jones opened the store in 2013 with a mission to promote smaller brands from all over the world.

The co-owners love its downtown location, which makes it an easy stop on the way home from work. Guests can make a visit to the store for daily wine needs, over the weekend for wine tastings on Friday and Saturday, and can stay up-to-date on new arrivals and events by signing up for the weekly newsletter online.


Thanks to the store’s unique corner location, the space feels like no other downtown shop. Customers will feel like they have taken a step back in time, to when life moved slower and each drop was savored like a fine wine. Gallery lighting illuminates the key merchandise, bottles and bottles of wine, as well as retro art. While small, the space is well organized by region and variety of wine. “We like the shop to be a bit like a treasure hunt,” Jones said. The hand painted Seifert and Jones Wine Merchants sign above the entrance gives the final cherry on top of the store’s historic charm.


Seifert and Jones have 50 years of wine experience between them and a passion for educating their customers. Seifert worked on the wholesale side of wine, while Jones worked retail. The two came together to build their own story in the world of wine. “We aren’t fad driven. We look for truthful, artisan producers that are hand-crafting wines,” Seifert said.


Customers will find wine from not only all over the world, but representing a variety of regions in countless countries, from San Juan Island in our backyard to Lebanon, Macedonia, and Greece. Beyond the seemingly endless options, Seifert and Jones provide helpful guidance. “Many people come in and say what they are having for dinner,” Seifert said. From an everyday dinner, to a big celebration, Seifert and Jones’ prices fit every occasion.


“It is always changing,” both owners agreed. For Seifert and Jones, a favorite wine depends on the meal, occasion, and season. Most importantly, however, is the power of a good bottle of wine for families. “Wine lets families slow down at the table over a glass or two,” Seifert said.

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"'We like the shop to be a bit like a treasure hunt,' Jones said."