If you’ve ever taken a drive north on Guide Meridian, you’ve probably noticed Penny Pinchers Estate Clearance. The bright red exterior and antique-loaded pickup truck parked out front make it hard to miss, but you have to venture inside to find the true treasures.  

Adorned with unique finds — from kitchen supplies and appliances, to games and books — the shop is stocked with endless one-of-a-kind items that have been repurposed to fit into your living space. 

“People are just in awe, there’s so much stuff, it’s like a destination store,” says long-time employee Chelsey Smith. “You could literally spend half [of] a day here and not see everything.”  

Every trip to Penny Pinchers is different, with constantly rotating inventory. The shop is frequently re-organized to accommodate more items. Follow them on Facebook for a look at new arrivals, posted daily.  

Photo by Geoff Everton

More Than a Store 

Penny Pinchers isn’t just a great place to shop for vintage furniture, decor, and home goods. All of the inventory comes from their estate liquidation services. Estates are bought outright, then items are either repurposed, refurbished, or recycled 

Estate liquidation provides quick, calming assistance to those who are overwhelmed. Whether they just lost a loved one or need to move in a crunch, Penny Pinchers is there to give them peace of mind, Smith says. 

With a massive selection at their storefront, and even more located at their warehouse, it’s hard to believe the team behind the business is made up of only four women. Everyone does a little bit of everything, from helping out at estates to managing the company’s eBay store.  

“Everyone’s been an employee for a long time, it’s really like a family unit,” Smith says. “It’s one of my favorite things when we’re going to move heavy furniture and people ask ‘Well, where are the guys?’ We’re them.”  

The family unit doesn’t just apply to employees. The team places a high priority on creating close relationships with customers, whether they’re longtime shoppers or first-time visitors.  Building a sense of community through fundraising, donations, and partnerships with service organizations like The Lions Club, is a big part of what Penny Pinchers is about, Smith says. 4894 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, 360.927.7570, pennyestates.com 

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"You could literally spend half [of] a day here and not see everything."