1000 Harris Ave., Studio 9, Bellingham  

360.441.5450 | martinimetalcraft.com 

Instagram: @martinimetalcraft Facebook: @MartiniMetalCraft 


You can find Martini Metal Craft Studio in Fairhaven’s historic Morgan Block Building, where it first opened in 2011. Owner Marijo Martini says the history of the space and its surrounding community inspired the direction of her business and brand identity. 

“This community I get to work in fills me with so much love and joy,” Martini says. “Stellar people are doing phenomenally creative things, and I am lucky to be surrounded by it.” 

While many things are cancelled due to COVID-19, Martini usually hosts in-person events in the studio to showcase her product lines. She says the pandemic has challenged her to step out of her comfort zone and revamp customers’ online experience.  

We all are learning how to adapt, but I dearly miss the experience of a brick-and-mortar shop,” Martini says. “There is nothing that replaces that feeling of shopping in a physical store.” 


While the studio has been open for a decade, Martini started making jewelry more than 20 years ago. Although a high school aptitude test predicted a career in the arts, it wasn’t until she got engaged two decades later that she decided to make her own wedding rings, and started calling herself an artist.  

Martini still works full-time as a tradeshow logistics coordinator for a local manufacturing corporation, growing her metal making business over time, all as a one-woman team.   

“I’ve been creating jewelry since 1998, and I have so much more to learn,” she says. “Running a business and striving to make it better each year teaches me about my limits.” 


Martini Metal Craft offers a variety of “simply elegant” jewelry, from earrings and necklaces to cuffs and custom creations for both men and women. Most pieces are made from sterling silver, sometimes mixed with copper or brass.  

I try to balance my style eye with clean-lined detail that does not overpower, yet beckons to be worn every day,” Martini says. “Pacific Northwest style is about ease, and my jewelry fits that style standard.”  

Customers can shop online or make appointments to shop at the studio. You can also purchase Martini Metal Craft products through local retailers like Ideal, Museum of Northwest Art, and Pacific Northwest Shop. 


The most popular collection, the Mozzafiato Collection, launched in November 2019. Each piece is hand-fabricated from raw materials and texturized through a rolling mill with a topographic map pattern plate, resulting in a stunning mixed metal aesthetic.  

Going forward, Martini looks forward to building her skill set and integrating gold into her work in 2021, something that was previously an obstacle due to expense. 

I am a firm believer in following the ‘just keep moving’ philosophy,” she says. “No matter how defeated you might feel or how overwhelmed your life can get, if you have a passion you want to pursue, keep taking baby steps to make it happen.” 

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